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  • From the perspective of science, Abelungu killed bike shirt. “sacrificial tactics” in bicycling appear to be flamboyant, but rather logical. Many people will mistakenly think this is a personal test subject, but that would be completely wrong. All drivers must have a very high team spirit, especially the main driver to win the force required the support of teammates. Often, the main riders will never be able to lead the whole race. Races range from 90-150 miles. Too big to maintain the # 1 lead position from start to finish. Unlike football, a team can consist of many racers, but the winner is always only 1. Therefore, almost all teams will have to be up and running, while defending the main driver is determined.

    From the beginning, they often call it a sacrificial tactic. Specifically, when the final kilometer is reached, the main rider group will consist of three to four persons, of which Sprinter will be the final runner. It can be said, this is the best solution. Why is that? Scientists have found that when cycling, you will create areas of turbulent air, which in turn will create a vortex, low-pressure zones behind the racer. If another driver is behind you, they will have two advantages. The first is the pressure resistance of the air, the second is the great advantage when the thrust from the upper spin. This will save you a lot of energy, especially about 35-40% of energy compared to running separately. This called Drafting technique. Surprisingly, drafting is not only beneficial to the back.

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    But the whirlpools also help to propel the people ahead, of course not as much advantage as the last race. However, professional cycling teams know this technique, so obviously will find ways to prevent opponents on the goal. In the clip below, you will have just understood the principles of the Drafting technique, has just seen the team take advantage of the opponent’s blocking behavior to accelerate to the goal. Taming tactics, but actually, is a tricky act, as many teams and clubs are willing to sacrifice by directing second-rate athletes to harass their opponents. The main athlete achieves high achievement. Often when we run the car, when the foot comes forward, we press down the pedal to force the car to come. The foot behind us on the pedal to rest, almost waiting for their movement. Cycles made from one leg to the other and repeat, repeat.

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    That is when the right foot pedal Abelungu killed bike shirt, the left leg spit rest. When the left foot pedal, the right foot rests. The important thing to mention here is that the rest of the footrests to reduce the force of the foot is kicking together. This inertia is proportional to the force of the foot is kicking. So that the foot pedal force stronger, the legs think stronger. Inertia can eliminate the force of the foot pedal. From about thirty to three forty percent more or less depending on the case. If healthy, less spleen, tired more spleen. Most tops are when the butt up from the saddle. Because the spine is back when the butt is on the yen. The weight of the body resting on the yin and yen. Only a part of the leg weight set on the transmission pedal.

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