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Apple teacher shirt

  • For a long time, the apple is considered a fruit of knowledge Apple teacher shirt. There are many stories around this fascinating fruit. In the 1920s, giving apples to teachers was seen as a bad act. This job implies flattery and hopes for teachers to favor themselves over other friends. These flattering guys are called with an “apple polisher” name, meaning they have cleaned and polished the apples carefully before sending them to the teachers’ table. But when it came to the new age, this meaning was no more. Instead, giving apples to teachers is a beautiful gesture. Apple fruit is an encouragement for low-income teachers. In addition, apples are a nutritious fruit and rich in vitamin C.

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    So giving apples to teachers also represents a blessing for health. Many teachers said that they also love these apples because the bright red color will help the teachers’ tables more beautiful. Perhaps none of the fruits appear in literature or art as much as an apple. If you think about it a little bit, you will see that the apple is really special, for some reason, it is more special than others. The apple is one of the most nutritious fruits, also one of the most popular fruits in the world. People grow and eat apples in nearly every country in the world, putting apples in both food and drinks. The English still has an old adage that says: “One apple keeps day the doctor away” (translating every day “eating” an apple does not cause any disease).

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    It shows How valuable apples are in life Apple teacher shirt. But the apple itself in the study icon is also an extremely outstanding image and has a special meaning. The apple often uses many symbolic meanings, at first glance it seems they are not related to each other but are actually quite uniform. In Greek mythology, the Parisian handed the disharmony of apple on it that engraved the words “for the most beautiful people” to the goddess Aphrodite, which triggered the war of Troy, the main cause of which was the envy of the goddesses. together. The apple is considered the fruit of the victor, of wisdom, beauty, glory. The golden apple in the garden of the Hesperides is the eternal apple.

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    The forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve eat is the apple, also known as the fruit of knowledge. So in all cases, the apple is the fruit of the tree of life, it recognizes all good and evil. In the art of knitting, people consider the apple as a symbol of sulfur. It is confirmed that the meaning of the apple is due to the middle part, which is the small cavity containing the particles forming the pentagram. So those who receive the faith see the apple as the food of knowledge and freedom. In Robert Amberlain’s book “Under the Shadow of the Churches”, it has been commented that to this day, in schools, the apple is still a symbol of the image of knowledge.

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    Apples are the fruit of maintaining youth Apple teacher shirt. The symbol of ever-changing and never-ending young. Gervasius tells of the legend of Alexander the Great when he found the eternal country in India saw many monks eating only apples that lived for 400 years. In Norse mythology, apples are fruits that restore vitality and rejuvenate, gods eat apples and stay young. Apple trees have many meanings. It is considered the tree of knowledge and of the Holy Spirit. A ceremony called “Shaaban Night” is associated with a legend that the apple tree in Heaven has the number of leaves equal to the number of people living under the ceiling.

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