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  • Frank Oz is the voice of dozens of puppets and muppets as one of Jim Henson’s first collaborators. Bert It’s not you it’s your eyebrows shirt. And now the puppeteer has lent his voice to argue about whether the characters “Sesame Street “is Bert and Ernie. “I created Bert. I know who he is and who he is, “Oz writes, bending the idea that Bert and Ernie are a couple. Bert and Ernie’s relationship lasted for twelve years after the former “Sesame Street” writer Mark Saltzman told the “Queerty” blog he wrote the couple as a couple. based on his real relationship with Arnold Glassman. “Looks like Mark Saltzman has been asked whether Bert & Ernie are gay or not, it’s good that he feels them, they do not, of course,” Oz wrote in a tweet. “Why is it really important?

    Are Bert and Ernie Gay?

    Why is it necessary to define people as homosexual? There is more than one person more than straight or hard.” For decades, we were wondering. Are Bert and Ernie gay? The iconic “Sesame Street” duo live together. Share the bedroom and not shy about bathing in front of each other. So this recurring question returned to our consciousness this week. After a gay writer, Sesame Street said in an interview that he wrote Bert and Ernie as “loving couples”. While inspired by his relationship with his longtime partner. “I always felt that there was not a big agenda when I wrote Bert and Ernie, they were” gay, “the writer Mark Saltzman said in an interview with Queerty, a news and entertainment site gay “I have no other way to contextualize them.”

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    His opinion of thunder on the internet spread out both indignation and joy. “They are official !!!!!” a post, for saw a picture of a Bert and Ernie smiling wearing a sparkling wedding ring, but Sesame Workshop, a non-profit organization behind “Sesame Street,” quickly defeated the idea, saying in a statement that Bert and Ernie were “Best friends” and, that they are puppets, do not have sexual orientation. “Saltzman is part of a group of writers who have written scripts and songs for all” Sesame Street.

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    “He said he did not limit Bert and Ernie to a sexual orientation, or whatever, while he believed that” Sesame Street “should include a gay couple on the show. by him, he says that it should be done with human characters, not puppets. For Bert and Ernie, “they are two lovers,” Saltzman said. “That’s who they are.”

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    “As we have always said, Bert and Ernie are best friends. Bert It’s not you it’s your eyebrows shirt. They created to teach kindergarten kids that people. Can good friends with people very different from themselves” the organization said. In a statement. “Although they identified as male characters. And have many human characteristics and characteristics. As most Muppets Street Sesame does. They are still puppets, and have no sexual orientation.” Fans may also remember that in July 2013. The New Yorker published an illustration of the couple immediately after the Supreme Court dropped the Marriage Defense Act. Sesame Street continues to introduce new characters in the family-friendly series. Back in 2017, viewers introduced to Julia, a new autistic muppet. “I think the big discussion from the beginning is,” How do we do this? How do we talk about autism? “

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