Big Time Rush BTR Version shirt

Big Time Rush BTR Version shirt

Big Time Rush is another band taken from an American TV show and hit the limelight. Big Time Rush BTR Version shirt. What this often leads to is an album that fans of the show will love, but offers little in the way of quality. This is exactly what you get with BTR, the band’s first album. Single ‘Boyfriend’ is a safe pop song, numbered, heavily dependent on over-production and automatic. The album is a cliché, both in terms of lyrical content and with synthesized instruments. It seemed like trying to outdo the pop-pop style perfected by real pop-punk bands like All Time Low, but not losing any real bites.

Big Time Rush: BTR review

This, to be fair, is exactly what it takes to succeed. It will be sold, and Big Time Rush will continue to be the big stars because these songs are the perfect replica of what feels right and present. Obviously, BTR will fail if the band cannot sing, and while it’s not spectacular, they bring good tunes. While some of the songs work, “Global” is particularly striking for the wrong reasons, a painful effort for an emotional ballad. The singing voice is good enough, but the lyrics only make this a bit embarrassing. Meanwhile, “Big Night” is a solid effort at a club may be, no intention to play pun, a great success for the quartet. From here, the album strengthens and at least feels consistent.

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With some big dance songs bearing the bulk of the BTR Big Time Rush BTR Version shirt. The main compliment that can be given to BTR is that, as an album, it’s set up early on what it’s looking for, and it’s good enough to make sure this will be a hit with its target audience. However, as a credible piece of music, BTR becomes somewhat erratic because of its repetitive, cliche nature. Now, I was tortured to sit and listen to Big Time Rush’s debut album, BTR. Why? For one, the album is boring, bland and hardly memorable. Second, was the spiritual child of Nickelodeon’s Viacom Music and TV Productions and had to bank for a TV series revolving around them to make it big without cutting me off.

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When I heard that they were made by Nickelodeon. I could immediately ensure that the songs produced in this album were made up of positive, shallow songs about how they were doing their best. to the fame and the way, they play Halfway there, and that Nothing even matters till Big Night where they will scream Oh Yeah, we are Big Time Rush. And are their real voices so incomprehensible that the famous Autotune software must be used if not all, most of the songs? Despite their deformity, the amount of Autotune used will definitely make T-Pain proud. Big Night is an example of their breakthrough into the dance genre, but in the end, it sounded like one of the others – so forgetful.

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The boom is a typical boom-tak-boom-tak Big Time Rush BTR Version shirt. Lyrics about a great time and dancing like mad, even Britney Spears can do better. Well, if you are looking for a grace of salvation, it appears as Jordin Sparks. Her voice was like a very fresh air. Count On You was lovely, and Sparks helped save the song by giving it a bit of femininity. Her singing voice also brought about the size of the song, in which most of the songs failed, and the lyrics sounded sincere and portrayed a flaw. However, for protection, their target audience is teenagers. So have a clean image while singing about themed topics in a clean way, losing a lot of self-control.

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