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  • “Lodestar”? This is not a political post-Bigfoot Lodestar The Quest Continues. There’s a lot of current talk around the use of the term “lodestar”. What’s bothering me is how many folks seem to believe it’s this common Navy term. I served as a commissioned officer on bridges afloat from ’89 through ’95 and I have never even heard the term before – I had to go look it up. Is it a new thing? Did I somehow completely miss a word that everyone else uses? Or is this a case where the term is from the deskbound Navy? In the days of celestial navigation, it was the term for a navigational reference star, usually Polaris. Seeing as how we use slightly more advanced navigation techniques now, it’s not in as common use.

    Whoever wrote the OP, used the archaic word “lodestar,” which clearly points to Pence. But, a smart person would not implicate themselves by using such a specific archaic word. Whoever wrote the OP wants Trump to think that Pence wrote the OP. So clearly the person who wrote the OP is not Pence. But, then again, whoever wrote the OP and used the word “lodestar”, so he must have studied. And in studying, he would have clearly learned that a narcissistic megalomaniac will believe everyone is out to trick him and ib Trump believing that everyone is out to trick him whoever wrote the OP could have used the word “lodestar” knowing that Trump would think that someone was trying to trick him into thinking the writer of the OP was Pence.

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    You actually helped me catch a simple mistake that somehow got past me…the word is “lodestar” rather than “lodestone” which I had originally put, but to answer your question Bigfoot Lodestar the quest continues. Referring to lodestar rather than lodestone, because it is a fairly obscure and archaic word that he happens to use with some frequency that high ranking officials do not. Some people think so, due to the use of the unusual word “lodestar,” which Pence also used in a speech. But in this administration, it could have just as easily been an attempt to frame him. That’s how I came to believe it too! He had a great rundown for why he thinks so, and I couldn’t remember who Coats was.

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    So I googled him and  Bigfoot Lodestar The Quest Continues. Was reminded of the clip where he found out Trump invited Russia over live in an interview. I was like of course it’s him, he sounds so exasperated with Trump’s antics I completely believe he would write that OP. I can see it being two authors as well, especially because the op-ed has a section with a direct quote from an official. Meaning that official who uttered those words knows who they uttered it to, and who ultimately wrote the article. Or perhaps the simpler story that’s alluded to in the op-ed, that there are many of them and it doesn’t matter too much if one knew who wrote it if they were participating in frustrating Trump’s agenda.

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