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Have a bootiful day shirt

  • You have many reasons for today’s beautiful day. Have a bootiful day shirt. After a very long day, and go a lot, talk a lot, laugh a lot. I just want to go home and close my eyes, wish there was a dog here, I would hug it tightly, do not let it turn out of sight. Time is almost short, so hurry, more and more like urging. Time for the shortcomings gradually. There are times to go home, put your back down, is sleep, but no longer remember anything. The first thing is to take the job to forget, then later wish you little work to have enough time and space in mind to remember. T-shirt design near me. I do not make myself forget, because it only hurts me more. Remember it will be fun. By being really happy, feeling motivated.

    Then there will be beautiful days where you find love!

    It is only temporary for each person a period of time to look for new things, redefining oneself. Then there are times when I was scared to think that if one day. Have a bootiful day. Everything disappears and goes into oblivion. No one remembers anyone. Feeling the cold weather to find someone else to warm up also feel something is wrong. There is something like trying to find a familiar. A familiar warmth that has fallen into the subconscious It looks like nightmares every night. But when a new day comes, sit reading, starting the chain of new jobs. Then the small memory disappears. I’m afraid that there will be times when I will not remember, it is a worse thing. Worse than memory. Who knows, this world really makes people feel that only the hand is able to reach the end. That feeling comes in a sudden moment.

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    But it’s like going through a very long and long process. And yourself for something that does not come out. Although not busy. Assuming one day, standing at the bus station, saw a man with a bare roof, his face holding everything that could awaken the soul. Looking at forever, as if the time has forgotten, the heart stopped beating and self is very tired. He did not even realize it made me feel breathless. As if dying. The world is suddenly wide and cramped, with no space for its own. Myself is an animal that is seen by hunters, a large forest but no place can protect themselves. Run, run, run to the other side of the world. How come the distance is so short? But not fear and panic. The legs are like walking on a rope, with no support. Not back but not advanced.

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    Mind disorder does not know how to coax the soul is floating this wave. Have a bootiful day shirt. Who could make the whole world in his own way suddenly shrink, who could have made the wall so long to protect his weakly weakened heart? He appeared. Just a look is enough to say it all. No need to turn around, do not hesitate, I seem to have been on a ship without a round-trip. Or, the first time I met you, I thought I was just passing by you. No turning back to regret. Night do not remember velvet, not worry, everything just stopped there. The encounter is not coincidental, in the subconscious mind that everything is like it. That you have to appear at this moment, I stand there, we meet. This earth still rotates. Only that. Yeah, that’s all there is to it.

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