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  • Trump. The idea of Hillary in the Oval Office is the worst thing I can imagine Circle Of Trust Trump Hillary shirt. She has proven her personality and ideological defects to be dangerous to this country. Will I appreciate a candidate standing on my merits with grace and decoration? Of course! But to prevent Hilary and to have my worth be represented by a person can really be elected asking me to let go of grace and decoration. Besides, those who do not support the values of freedom have endured Obama for eight years. He has a lot of grace and decor but I was horrified at what he was doing with our country.

    Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

    In addition, during Obama’s presidency. I told my family how tired. I was when politicians were operating in this country. I look forward to the day that the candidates leave. Their life and work to serve in public service with heart and mind honesty. I often frown at the words of Trump, but he is a businessman serving as POTUS, not a career politician. I am a lover of all peoples, have an international family and I have lived abroad. When I do so, I respect the values of that country. And I think it suits those who enter our country to do so.

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    I do not care about any race but enjoy the kaleidoscope of cultures Circle Of Trust Trump Hillary shirt. I was shocked when racism appeared during Obama’s office, despite his lovely personality. Generalizations and names from both the conservative and the liberal shock me. When it comes to politics, the two most rude places on the net are Quora and Facebook. I am ashamed of the behavior of the current political generation. I wish we could discuss our differences without offending what we do not understand. It seems like half of the country is not happy with the way things are going, forgetting that the other half was unhappy in the last presidential term.

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    This is how our government keeps everything balanced. By virtually any criterion you can define: intelligence, experience, work ethic, honesty, compassion, courtesy, etc., Clinton is clearly better than Trump. Of course, Clinton has spent a lifetime in politics, so she made her mistakes and certainly had the skeleton in her closet. But that would be the truth of anyone who could run for president. Few people can be seen under the media microscope the president must accept and look completely clean. But her fault is justified. We may not like some of the things she almost certainly did, but we can live with them. And I have no doubt that although she made a mistake.

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    Trump, on the other hand, is a daring liar Circle Of Trust Trump Hillary shirt. Blindly speaking, famous for doing little work. Boasting about not liking to read. Listening like an idiot whenever he speaks without a teleprompter. And obviously no real compassion. The only way I can think of is where Trump surpasses Clinton in his “entertainment value”. Unless otherwise, he certainly knows how to capture and hold attention – to make people talk about him as if he is a Kardashian. He is a character that everyone hates. But the President is not a television program. The president has a direct and indirect influence on the lives of millions of people.

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