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Dallas Cowboys Grinch Santa Toilet Shirt

  • We Love the Dallas Cowboys. The perfect gift for Cowboys fans. Dallas Cowboys Grinch Santa Toilet Shirt. Only the Steelers, with six Super Bowl wins, have more than Dallas’s five, and winning a lot tends to generate fans. If you look at the teams with three or more Super Bowl wins. Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Dallas, New England, Green Bay, the NY Giants, Oakland, Washington, and Denver. You’re basically, with the exception perhaps of the Chicago Bears and Seattle Seahawks. Listing all the most popular teams in the league. Next, the Cowboys play in Greater Dallas, in a football-obsessed part of the country, and they have a huge part of this territory all to themselves. The Houston Texans—an expansion team that has varied from bad to OK during its existence.

    Why is the Dallas Cowboys franchise so popular?

    And hasn’t done much to garner national attention. Are 250 miles away, and then, there’s not another team within 500 miles. This means that Dallas has an advantage in the enormous Texas marketplace, but also is the unofficial team of Oklahoma, New Mexico. They also compete with the Raiders for the growing “Old Mexico” market. Arkansas, and little pockets throughout the country that don’t have a local franchise. The first map doesn’t even do the Cowboys’ fan base justice, because they’re often the second most popular team in many markets, as well. For better or worse (mostly worse). You can find Cowboys fans everywhere. Below is a map showing.

    Dallas Cowboys Grinch Santa Toilet shirt, ladies, v-neck t-shirt, tank top

    Based on TV time, the second most popular team in a given market.  Dallas Cowboys Grinch Santa Toilet Shirt. The “everything’s bigger in Texas” attitude and, shall we say, lack of humility associated with the team means that in addition to having a huge fan base, the Cowboys also have a lot of people who hate them. But even if you watch the team in the hope that they lose (raises hand), you’re still watching. The Cowboys get a ton of airtime because any game they play in is guaranteed to have both fans and haters, which only gives the team more exposure. The Cowboys play in the NFC East, which includes other large cities.  New York, Washington, and Philadelphia, all of which have been long-term rivals.

    Dallas Cowboys Grinch Santa Toilet Guys tee

    Guys tee

    Dallas Cowboys Grinch Santa Toilet V-neck


    Dallas Cowboys Grinch Santa Toilet Tank top

    Tank top

    Dallas Cowboys Grinch Santa Toilet Ladies tee

    Ladies tee

    Compare that to my Houston Texans, who are in the fourth. The largest city in the country but play in a division against Nashville, Indianapolis, and Jacksonville, distant cities that aren’t really natural rivals. Nothing against any of those places—I’ve been to all of them—but they’re not magnets for national interest in the same way New York or DC are. Other teams have to be consistently good for several years before they’re regularly on nationally-televised games; Dallas will be on TV even when they’re terrible because they are guaranteed to play at least half their season against major market teams. no one has done television better than Dallas. Some of it was being in the right place at the right time.

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    Dallas Cowboys Grinch Santa Toilet Long sleeve

    Long sleeve

    Dallas Cowboys Grinch Santa Toilet Sweater


    Dallas was peaking at the exact time that the NFL became a major televised product. Dallas Cowboys Grinch Santa Toilet Shirt. And began supplanting Major League Baseball and college football as the US’s most popular sports products—but traditions, once formed, tend to die hard, and in most of the country, Dallas is a reliable “B” game besides whatever one your hometown team plays in. So again, if you’re watching Dallas 10–12 times per year, you’re more likely to be a fan, as it’s easy to follow the Cowboys no matter where you live.

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