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  • If you’re one of the many who hisses and boo when the Dallas Cowboys choose Leighton Vander Esch. Dallas Wolf Hunter Shirt. As the 19th overall pick in the NFL draft of April, it’s time to break through the neo-gang. soldiers. Vander Esch had a good night in the Cowboys’ 27-20 win over the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday, including his first career interception career, a thrilling save for a third big loss and 13 teams. ball top. He was a changeable game presence. “We played a nice overall game tonight on every level,” said the Cowboys’ defensive end, DeMarcus Lawrence. ”

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    Our rookie team has stepped up to a completely different level and I’m just proud to see him wearing his full body. I do not even think it is his full form, to be honest, just happy to see him get his feet under him and love the game, too. “Vander Esch has introduced his talents through the first two games of the season, combined to make 10 balls, one more than all-Pro Sean Lee. The angles of pursuit and instinct are naturally something he has been preparing since his high school football days playing eight people for Salmon River High in Riggins, Idaho. “I know the eight men who helped me. That’s all track, “said Vander Esch, who led the Salmon River to his two state titles and seniors.

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    It was one of his son’s requests. Dallas Wolf Hunter Shirt. Dallas Cowboys linebacker Leighton Vander Esch who nicknamed “The Wolf Hunter,” on behalf of teammate Jaylon Smith. It probably will not go too well on commercial airlines, so it went on Vander Esch Express’s first trip to Texas this weekend. Fans interested in seeing the bus in person can check it out before the Cowboys game at Bill Bates Ultimate Backport (816 N Collins Street, Arlington) on Monday. That’s part of the pride and joy of Vander Esch. Darwin bought the bus for $ 14,000 and spent much time and money transforming it into a living RV with full baths, four beds, a propane stove, and refrigerator.

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    It has 590,000 miles on it and now has 610,000 – 20,000 miles spent with family and friends across the country to watch Leighton play football. It only took a few days for a nail to pierce the tires in Leighton Vander Esch’s first big buy as an NFL player. The two-seater Polaris RZR is the perfect vehicle for expanding the mountains in this small town that he calls home. But four wheels are useless with three wheels. On this summer’s day, it was on a jack just outside Vander Esch’s childhood home. Most professional athletes will call a road service or bring it to a tire shop to get their new toy fixed, but not the Vander Esch.

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    Instead, the newest member of the Dallas Cowboys changed it in less than a minute. Dallas Wolf Hunter Shirt. And brought it back to life. This should not be a surprise. This is a man who helped his father, Darwin, build his family’s 1,500-square-foot home for three months on a mountain, part of the 280-acre family he owns. In a town like Riggins – 410 population – you learn at an early age how to do everything by yourself. There are not many options when it comes to mechanics or contractors. You do not have some plumbers or electricians at your disposal.

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