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Dinosaurs Ugly Christmas sweater

  • Spreading some holiday cheer with a little ugly dinosaur Christmas sweater in disguise as a tshirt. You’re welcome. Because deep down most boy’s/ men still think dinosaurs are awesome right lol. Men’s Trex Hates sweater Ugly Christmas sweater. No Christmas cookie plate is complete without a dinosaur wearing an ugly Christmas sweater. This year’s display turned out extra delightful. Merry Christmas from us and the dinosaur in the ugly Christmas sweater  What are you wearing to the holiday parties this year? Be the raddest dude or dudette in town with this geeked out tshirt version of the ugly Christmas sweater! plastic dinosaurs, wearing ugly christmas sweaters, turned into ornaments? yes! diy by katie from running with a glue gun.

    Dinosaurs Ugly Christmas sweater, shirt, hoodie

    Dinosaurs Ugly Christmas Hoodie


    Dinosaurs Ugly Christmas Ladies t-shirt

    Ladies t-shirt

    Dinosaurs Ugly Christmas Guys t-shirt

    Guys t-shirt

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