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  • Hitler is Shifty Shift, Goering is Jerry Nadler, Borman is Donald Trump Christmas Tree shirt Joe Biden, Heinrich Himmler is James Clapper, Rudolph Hess chestnut is Chucky Schumer, he even has a German name. J. The list goes on and on. LIke William Schier wrote, Here, the list of the strayers who run Germany and now he will write here, the newer ashtrays are desperately trying to run America in the right way. Trump is the self-licking ice cream cone of impeachment activities, a machine that never stops. Can’t let him not violate the law or the constitution.

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    I imagine there may never be an impeachment vote, but the actual impeachment investigation will draw through the election. President Trump, in an ongoing impeachment investigation, visited a Donald Trump Christmas Tree shirt kindergarten today. Children are injured. Today at the Rose Garden, President Trump welcomed the Greek President and answered press questions about his pending impeachment. The athlete’s re-election demonstration in Columbia last night, President Trump wandered for 45 minutes against a very unjustly impeachment investigation of Islam conducted by the House Intelligence Committee.

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    Today, Chairman Adam Schiff heard from three WH officials about the President’s Cheating all illegal transactions behind closed doors. All three witnesses received immunity from prosecution in exchange for their testimony, which Trump called fake news. As with Trump, Jackson did so many things that violated norms, expectations, and the Constitution, that it would take a whole book to cover them all. But as a Donald Trump Christmas Tree shirt major, an illustrative example of Jackson’s approach to the Presidency (and also his approach to the major minority group of the day).

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    When the Supreme Court ruled Indian Removal (what later became known as the “Trail of Tears”) unconstitutional, he just ignored them and did it Donald Trump Christmas Tree shirt anyway. And this was in an era when our Republic was still young, and a rarity (as a non-totalitarian government) in the world, and its long-term survival, through respect of the Constitution and the balance of powers, was not nearly so assured as it is today.

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