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Fishing Ugly Christmas sweater

  • Wasn’t repping my nw girls gone fishing sweater but representing the nw by catching the most, the biggest and the first. #flyfishing peeps, which do you like more? Which will you wear at the mall? Feed us back and look out for prototype #giveaways on these two #fishingsweater designs. #fishingicons. The cataclysmic and fantastic marriage of Art and Science keeps us evolving as a species. The lack of art education in schools across America will pay the price, mark our words. Sweater Fish aims to bring the relationship between these two “opposing” forces (art and science) back into a mutually beneficial orbit, just like this artist/engineer.It’s gotta be the sweater !! Make sure you get yours!

    Fishing Ugly Christmas sweater, shirt, hoodie

    Fishing Ugly Christmas Longsleeve


    Fishing Ugly Christmas Ladies t-shirt

    Ladies t-shirt

    Fishing Ugly Christmas Hoodie


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