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Fishman Ugly Christmas sweater

  • Christmas isn’t the only holiday with ugly sweaters! Happy Hanukkah from editor Jon Fishman. Christmas Eve fun with Herb and Lindsay. We decided to get ugly sweaters. Kissing bears attached. Christmas tree decorated! Now getting ready for the ugly sweater party! No makeup. No fucks given. Harry Potter sweater. Tits standing at attention. Red hair everywhere. I’m just me and that’s just fine. 1st Annual UGLY SWEATER DAY at Dr. Michael Fishman and Dr Dina Casparro’s Office ! Tis the Season.

    Fishman Ugly Christmas sweater, shirt, hoodie

    Fishman Ugly Christmas Longsleeve


    Fishman Ugly Christmas Ladies t-shirt

    Ladies t-shirt

    Fishman Ugly Christmas Hoodie


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