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  • The Joker movie in Friends Joker all characters shirt which Joker is played by Joaquin Phoenix. Whose release date is set for October 4, 2019, Joker is famous for the Dark Knight character in which Joker is the villain. And the person performing the Joker is Heath Ledger. Heath Ledger died after this movie. After that, no one could play him like Joker. But after many years, Joaquin Phoenix’s performance made Joker fans happy. Joaquin Phoenix does not leave any shortcomings in the Joker character.

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    The story of this movie is based on the life of a clown how the Friends Joker all characters shirt clown made the world laugh on the stage. But in real life, he is not himself. How much trouble and how much pain a clown in a clown’s life, between the bad and cruel people, and then he enters the world of crime. Joker tends to disrupt people mentally and morally. Did you know that once Joker and Superman fought, and Supes became an evil dictator after killing Joker?

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    Well pretty sure Batman knows that a strong ability if Superman and Joker fight. The film takes place in the ’80s, in a Gotham very similar to New York’s filthy, dirty Taxi Driver. Arthur Fleck is a Friends Joker all characters shirt comedian who wants to be a popular late-night talk show, similar to the events of King of Comedy. The Heath Ledger Joker. First, it is direct action.

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    Second, Ledger described Joker as the scariest comic book version ever. It was as if comic book characters became part of reality. Completely disregard all humanity and focus that rage on Batman. His humor is not slapping sticks but just being sick, dark, crazy and twisted. Great Joker. In the Friends Joker all characters shirt comics, when the second Robin died, Joker hit him with a crowbar. That is what Ledger reminds me.

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