Fuck Obama Shirt

Fuck Obama Shirt

While all Donald Trump states won the Republican campaign. Fuck Obama Shirt. All of Obama’s supporters failed to win the mid-November poll. “Maybe his party should reconsider its options before asking him to once again support the candidates in the next election, as the result of two elections. past We are talking about no one other than former President Barack Obama, whose candidates he has confirmed has failed severely, prompting some to refer to the Democratic leader as “NOBAMA”. “The evidence of Obama’s curse?” Goldwater continued. Pretty much: Andrew Gillum lost. Bill Nelson lost. Joe Donnelly lost. Richard Cordray loses. Stacey Abram lost.

All candidates for Obama campaigning failed

All candidates in the competing states supported by Obama became heavy losers on Tuesday. Republican Ron DeSantis will continue to beat Democrat Andrew Gillum in the battle to become Florida’s next governor. The midterm pre-election investigation put Gillum on the winning list. ” The news of Obama-backed supporters of failure was hardly mentioned by MSM and Democrat sources. Obama has lobbied for candidates Stacey Abrams, Andrew Gillum, Mike Donnelly, and Bill Nelson … And all of them have failed in the midterm elections. Perhaps the statement by analyst Kellyanne Conway a few days. Before the election will explain why Obama can not become an effective campaigner.

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Conway said that while President Trump sought to bring in candidates. Fuck Obama Shirt. Obama, on the other hand, campaigned primarily “to talk about himself.” Everybody sees the United States as a political divide. The Republicans control the Senate and hold the White House. The Democrats occupied the House, and may make the president difficult. But the best choice for the Democrats is to collaborate with Donald Trump. Many members of the Democratic National Congress have threatened to “take revenge.” The House of Representatives is the primary governing body for the national budget; Can be used as a weapon. Their hatred was that when the Republicans controlled the two congressional districts, they succeeded in hindering former President Barack Obama.

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They cut Obama’s health plan; At times, there is no budget for the government to shut down; and not to the Obama-nominated judge to vote in the Supreme Court. In 2010, Mitch McConnell, head of the Republican majority in the Senate, made it clear that his single most important thing was how Obama would sit for only one term. Two years later, Obama was re-elected. Strongly conservative Republican states, such as Idaho, Nebraska, Utah, the majority of voters voted for extending Medicaid, the health care program for the poor. Expanding Medicaid is an important part of Obama’s health law, to reduce the number of Americans without insurance. In the past half of the Republican governors did not, because of disagreement.

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In Idaho, in 2016, Trump won more than 32% of the votes. Fuck Obama Shirt. But this year most voters have supported the expansion of low-income health assistance programs. Who knows when they will fall into low incomes and lose health insurance? Results last week showed that the United States is polarizing heavily. This phenomenon began long ago, as late as 1995 when Newt Grinrich declared war on Bill Clinton. Mr. Obama, the first black elected, made the constituencies much separate. If in the next two years President Donald Trump could collaborate with the Democrats on a number of legislative programs, hopefully, dissociation will be reduced.

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