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  • Espresso is a machine-brewed coffee, compressed with Fuckoffee shirt hot water under high pressure under a fine powdered coffee powder, to help create a very special and rich coffee flavor. The water used to make Espresso coffee must be pure water, and the raw material is pure roasted coffee coffee, not marinated and contains no impurities. The name Espresso in Italian means “express” – Coffee served quickly, grinded, roasted, mixed, mixed directly to create hot coffee, retain the flavor from coffee beans.

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    It is quite special that the Fuckoffee shirt ingredients to make Espresso coffee must be dark roasted coffee beans because under high pressure, the acid available in coffee will dissolve faster, making the product highly acidic. bear. But if roasted longer, this acid content is reduced and helps the sour taste just right. best taste. To prepare a standard Espresso cup, making customers love it is not easy. Quality Espresso cups must have the typical, bitter taste of pure coffee, the attractive aroma and the special sweetness of freshly ground coffee. lingered in the palate. The principle of making Espresso coffee is called Macinazione, which means a combination of Macchina coffee maker and skillful Mano hand of the barista.

    Fuckoffee v-neck


    Fuckoffee Tank top

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    For a cup of coffee in general and Espresso in particular, the Fuckoffee shirt roasting stage Coffee is extremely important, deciding the aroma, sour, bitter sweetness of the coffee retains its characteristics and is both delicious or not. Usually espresso is roasted to the first bang. Typically, Espresso grinders often use a Burr-type blender so that the process takes place quickly, limiting the loss of coffee flavor due to exposure to the air. The standard Espresso grinding time is 23 – 28 seconds.

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    Espresso is a special type of coffee, with a strong flavor and processing, mixing is also very special, is the Fuckoffee shirt“foundation” to create other attractive types of coffee such as Americano, Machiato, Cappuccino or Latte. To make a delicious Espresso cup, apart from the processing machine and bartender technique, the material is a decisive factor. Raw coffee is clean, pure, delicious, roasted properly, the new Espresso cup is charming and attractive.

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