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Grab your balls it’s canning season shirt

  • Recently, I and my family had dinner at a very famous restaurant and with Grab your balls it’s canning season shirt. This place is known for a very wild and jungle space. The music is constantly ringing with all the sounds of animals, including the sound of thunderous storms accompanied by thunder and lightning. I noticed a girl, about six or seven years old, whose face was full of fear. Before a loud thunderclap within 2 hours, she crawled under the table and clung to her father’s leg. Tears filled the small angel face. I had to turn my face away. But whether I turn away, I always notice her know if she is scared or not after each storm passes. I remember, at that time, I wished “if I could either cause the storm to pass quickly or take away the fear of her.”

    And I was just relieved, like that little girl, as the thunder grew smaller, and was replaced by the laughter of the monkeys – or something like that. Then, the little girl came back to her seat. Until another thunderstorm echoed through the sound of the loudspeaker in the dark and noisy restaurant. She hastily slipped under the table, hugging tightly to his feet, and wait to see if there is another storm. But something interesting happened in the fifth storm. She slipped under the table and crawled to hug her father, but this time, she was not scared but just quietly and carefully. Finally, grab your balls its canning season. She did not cry, her face was full of courage. I think she knows for certain that this storm will pass as it did before. She believes her father is still around.

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    Soon she will be able to get out of that darkness. Return to her seat on the table. Each of us has to face the storms in our lives, sometimes the tropical depression but sometimes it is super stormy. If you are in the midst of a “storm,” then I hope the shirt can keep you safe, “hold the truth” and wait for the storm to pass. I think none of us like hardships. Sometimes the tests or the “storm” lasted too long. We all know there is a path, a faster, shorter path that helps us pass, goes to the other side of the “storm,” but God chooses and takes us on a different path. In my life, there were times God put me in a place much longer and I thought. He arranged and completely changed events that would have happened only a few days.

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    But he caused those events to be delayed for weeks, Grab your balls it’s canning season shirt. His roundabout made me face that difficulty longer and longer than I expected. I realized that I usually just say something like, “If only he had ….” and “I want you to …”. Have you also experienced this? God’s timing is not the same as our time. God sees the whole picture, and we see only a very small part of it. When God places us in difficult places by liberating ourselves at that moment, I believe that is the way He wants us to grow up to trust Him more – to mold and bend set us up to be like Him. The storms teach us patience. They help us to be stronger in faith, more hopeful and more sensitive to God’s call.

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