Halloween Witch yes I can drive a stick shirt

Halloween Witch yes I can drive a stick shirt

It can be said that the classic image of Halloween is a witch riding a broom. Witch yes I can drive a stick. head wearing a pointed hat. We are so familiar with old ugly sorcery in old European stories, dressed in black robes, rode on a broom bobbing under the moon. Ok, I have to admit that Harry Potter is riding a Nimbus 2000 in Quidditch matches that look cool. Anyway, imagine a guy moving by clipping the broom handle to his groin, looking sick. The problem is, a powerful character like a sorcerer does not ride anything cooler than a little bit like a flying horse, a flying gown, for example. Or at least should fly with some French swords, knives, machetes, rods, pickers, or pick a mortar to fly like some Baba Yaga … But choose the broom?

Why do witches ride brooms?

According to ancient times, the period when the witches were the most powerful and important people in the villages. During the festivals, to pray for a year of good fortune. Witch doctors Dance the weird dance, straight up the broom handle to symbolize the flowering of flowers. And fruit and clamp the broom handle to the groin, not rumbling like a nerve around the fire to symbolize the work. Healthy cattle, multiply. From then on, people always assign the action of riding a broom for the witch. Another more interesting story is that it took place in the Middle Ages. This is an era in which single women, looking bizarre or shady. Are blamed for being witches and burned alive as scapegoats. In fact, their use of magic and human charms just a rumor.

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Possibly, the simple witches are herbalists, specializing in the research and manufacture of exotic drugs. Somehow, witches have successfully developed a thick drug. Which can worn on the neck, armpit, or genitals as well. This is what people call rock. With this kind of rock drug, they experimented on some of the victims and the victims reported that they suddenly felt light body, refreshing spirit and feel like flying in the sky with a broom handle. You can even adjust the direction of travel for the new broom handle. And from then on it thought that the witches were flying with broomsticks. Witches admit that on the night of the moon, they anesthetize the herbs that cause hallucinations in the arms and genitals.

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Those who told by the herbalists that: Witch yes I can drive a stick. When these substances start to work, people with no sense of weight like flying are on the ground. In particular, they also feel like sitting on a broom and can adjust the direction of this broom fly through the back. So the answer to the question, “Why is witch riding a broom?” Is actually a herb that 15th-century witches have used with ordinary people to create the illusion they are flying. And since then they have defaulted that witch riding a broom and flying in the night. Do you ever think you can become Witch riding stick around the world? Try this special feeling once.

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