Horror Characters Christmas Tree Shirt

Horror Characters Christmas Tree Shirt

Originating from some of the religions that existed before the birth of Christianity. Horror Characters Christmas Tree Shirt. Christmas is closely linked to the celebration of the eighth-day solstice on December 21 or 22, according to Ancient Origin. This is the longest night of the year, so the moment of “light is coming” is celebrated and honored. After the Winter Solstice, daylight will be more, as a promise for spring is coming. Traditional Christmas traditions of the West derive from the cultures of the ancient Celts and Saxons. They organize the “Yula” or “Wheel of the Year” festival on the eve of the Winter Solstice. This festival involves burning a new log and burning it 12 hours before the Winter Solstice.

Secrets of the origin of Christmas trees

This represents good fortune and prosperous New Year. Then, instead of burning the log by using green plants, added small candle-lit lamps, and so the Christmas tree was born. Normally a Christmas tree is an evergreen tree, for example, a pine tree, decorated with holly and mistletoe, and two species of plants symbolizing fertility. The Celts believe that mistletoe is a sexual stimulant. This is why people around the world are now kissing under a mistletoe hanging on a Christmas tree. The use of Christmas trees was common in Germany in the 16th century, when Christians started using them to decorate the house and decorate the candle.

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Later, this tradition spread to other parts of Europe. Horror Characters Christmas Tree Shirt. In 1841, the Christmas tree began to appear in Windsor Castle, England, covered with candles, fruit, and gingerbread. From the 1850s, Christmas decorations also included small toys, jewels, fairies, dolls, horns, and bells. Legend has it that a long night of Christmas, a poor woodcutter is on his way home to meet the lost child and go hungry. Despite his need, he gave the child little food and sheltered him for a night of sleep. When he woke up the next morning, the woodcutter saw a beautiful tree outside the door. At that time, he learned that the child was God in disguise and created a tree to reward virtue. According to another myth, when Christianity was not born, green trees all year round meant very special to humans in the winter. Christmas trees are also chosen for Christmas.

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Many other nations also believe that green is the magic that drives away evil spirits and diseases. Horror Characters Christmas Tree Shirt. It is also said that in the 8th century, St. Boniface – the English missionary – when he went to Germany to spread Christianity, gave Geismar a tree for love and faith. When the Germans adopted Christianity, they chose the Christmas tree as a symbol of Christmas day in memory of Boniface. However, it was not until the 16th century that the custom of Christmas tree decoration became popular in Germany. In areas where pine cones are absent, man-made pyramid objects are made of wood and adorned with many accessories. Soon, this custom spread to other countries in Europe.

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