Houston great white shark shirt

Houston great white shark shirt

The oriels are a terrible team. Houston great white shark shirt. Astros should feel ashamed to show them up. Just saying. Beat em like the losers they are and let’s start the postseason already. Who doesn’t love the idea of working for the Houston Astros? Great culture. From getting into the elevator and everyone welcoming you. To VP’s picking up a piece of trash while walking out of the break room. To everyone in the meeting encouraged to engage and speak their mind regardless of title. It is the best overall work environment! The schedule is extremely flexible as a guest services representative, you essentially get to choose which days out of the month you want to work and that’s about it. The pay is also relatively pretty good for the work you’re doing.

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Since you mostly just direct people to certain areas or show them where their seats are, and at times, you do have to fill out quick incident reports if a fan gets hurt by a foul ball. Management is very kind and understanding of personal situations. They are extremely flexible when it comes to scheduling. You basically are given a calendar every month with empty boxes for each of the shifts that are available and you just check whichever ones you want to work, and on top of that, you can call in or email them if you can’t make it as long as you give them a 48-hr notice. The shifts are also not very hard. All you really have to do is check tickets.

Houston great white shark Guys tee
Guys tee
Houston great white shark Ladies tee
Ladies tee
Houston great white shark V-neck

Check for foul balls in case someone gets hurt and then inform your supervisor, scan tickets. And make sure the guests follow the rules and don’t do anything crazy like get into fights or try to jump on the field (believe me it happens once in a while). They also give you half an hour for lunch and they pay for it, though it doesn’t taste all that great, but hey free is free. They are also very big on making sure the employees feel appreciated and comfortable. Another plus is that you get free giveaways once in a while and you have a 30% employee discount for Astros merch. If the Astros have a one-run lead, he should be in the game. Plus look at the play he made last year in New York.

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He’s clutch, he ends the game with that throw to home plate. Houston great white shark shirt. The Indians and Red Sox love to run and steal bases. T-shirt design near me. Try to do that with Marisnick in the center, Springer in right, and Reddick in left. Good luck with that, It’s not happening. A true Astros fan, Aunt members as we called her, 99yr old would not go to bed watching the WS Astros win. Another Superman catch from Jake. I at the game jake  traded for Kyle. Jake is a beast in the outfield. We have the strongest backup outfield in the AL I believe. Reddick, Springer, Gonzales have prob secured spots. But jake, tony, straw, and Tucker are in a deck to relieve.

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