Isaac Asimov shirt

Isaac Asimov shirt

Isaac Asimov is a famous science fiction writer. Isaac Asimov shirt. And was dubbed Robert A. Heinlein and Arthur C. Clarke as the “trilogy” of science fiction. Asimov is very poor physically. He did not know how to swim and could not ride a bike. Asimov enjoys narrow spaces. He once said he wanted to open a newsstand at the New York. Also, the subway station to read a book while listening to the sound of the train passing by. Isaac Asimov wrote countless books about astronauts, but he himself was extremely afraid to fly. He has been flying twice in his active life. Asimov was the inventor of three laws on robots, and at the same time invented the term “robotic”. Both are widely used in science fiction and other sciences. Isaac Asimov died of HIV infection during a blood transfusion.

Startled by the prophecies of Isaac Asimov in 2014

But 10 years after his death, this was announced. After arriving at the 1964 World Exhibition in New York City, writer Isaac Asimov. Famous for its science fiction genre. Feeling very excited but regretted that this exhibition lacked the vision of the future. So he wrote, “Visit the World Expo 2014”. Giving his predictions of the world in 2014. It is interesting to note that many of the predictions seem to lie in Mr. Asimov’s imagination almost exactly in the present. Asimov said his “most bleak” prediction for 2014 a bizarre condition caused by everything automated and robotic. By 2014, society will suffer the same disease depressed and the disease will spread. Spreading every year, according to Asimov. Predicting the disease will have serious psychological and emotional consequences.

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Asimov emphasized: “I daresay that the psychiatry industry will be the most important in 2014.”. Asimov predicts that in 2014 electronic devices will run on eternal batteries made from radioactive isotopes. However, these batteries are quite cheap because in 2014 nuclear power serves half of the human energy needs. In addition, solar and wind power plants will come online, according to Asimov. Asimov says roads and bridges will become obsolete in 2014. The cars will powered by jet engines that lift the car into the air and can cross the rivers. The cars will equipped with intelligent robot bra. While just press the button that automatically brings the driver to the destination, according to Mr. Asimov. Currently, self-propelled cars have appeared but still not popular. Google and a number of car manufacturers around the world have been experimenting with self-propelled cars.

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According to the Independent. Isaac Asimov shirt. And the reality is that flying cars are no longer an idea in science fiction. Because there are already so many flying cars tested in the world. Mr. Asimov has roughly predicted that medical advances. “Will cut mortality and raise life expectancy by an average of 85 in some parts of the world”. By 2014. As human beings can live up to their 85th birthday. Asimov says: “It is through advances in medicine plus modern devices that replace the heart. Kidneys and heal the blocked or cured arteries. Heal the broken nerves. The Independent says the average life expectancy in Japan and Switzerland is 83. While in the United Kingdom is 80 and the United States is 79.

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