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  • Now, what you want to ask is whether LGB people have the right to date. LGBT we are all human shirt. And marry the people they want and whether transsexuals. Have the right to live their lives as their true sex. Of course. have. Just as straight people have the right to date and marry the people they want. And cisgender people have the right to live their lives like their real genders. Everyone has those rights, and wherever those rights are reduced, it is unfair and must be changed, as with any discrimination and injustice. Being LGBT is a human condition. It is not much different than black, white, Asian, have brown eyes, male or female.

    LGBT also has human rights

    Some people may pass more on to one sex or another sex, or may pass for heterosexual. I suppose if you believe that people from certain groups should be denied access to everything based on what they do and therefore less than the person, complex arguments can be ordered by acknowledging survival. in theirs and give them the right to do the right thing it has given you. Human rights include the right to be treated drastically; and is allowed to live in a real way as long as it does not affect the freedom of others to do so. To live honestly as a gay, gay, bisexual, trans, or other person is not a person’s freedom, so it is a human right.

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    Suppose a gay couple walked into a bakery and took a cake that the baker had listed in his photos. LGBT we are all human shirt. They bought it, and nothing else was going on. There is no political overtones. Just buy a wedding cake. Now allow a black and white couple to step in and want to buy a wedding cake and the owner says no, I do not believe in mixed marriages. Now it is a political case because we have an equal treatment under the law. Your religion becomes political when it seeks to insert itself into the law and makes an exception to some religious beliefs but not to other religions. When the baker claims his interest in gay marriage is due to his religious beliefs, he wants legal protection so he can ignore the claims legal protection.

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    I can see it if the baker refuses to make a porn cake if he does not do it, but a standard wedding cake is just that. If a baker wants to be unmarried, he can not make a wedding cake or a public job. He can only have one wedding cake member. But once the door is open to the public, the public will be able to buy whatever is offered. Not that the Supreme Court will necessarily see it that way. But that is fair. We are equal under the butter. On the other hand, LGBT rights are considered a political issue, as there are many regions and countries around the world where politicians seek to hurt or disadvantage LGBT people in a variety of ways. In a progressive world, we still have some ideas that dominate and do not help us grow as a society.

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    People are always judged by how they think.LGBT we are all human shirt. How they act and how they have lived since the founding of societies. The LGBT community is one of the categories judged different from ‘normal’. They are struggling with these core zombie ideas. My idea in opposition to the zombie idea is to create an LGBT-friendly platform so that members are free to express themselves without any concern. Every day, it’s still very difficult to find LGBT-friendly businesses around the world. Most people do not treat LGBT members as human beings, the right to be given to them is not enough and not equal to the rights granted to the rest.

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