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  • By definition, they are Love #mysupernatural shirt forces that go beyond nature. the cause is not part of the natural world, although their impact, the things they cause, manifest in the natural world. No one knows what could be. So far, every candidate for a supernatural force, or something with supernatural causes, which we have been able to test, ultimately turns out to be natural.

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    Without access to the Love #mysupernatural shirt supernatural, backers often resort to pointing out things they deem no natural cause, so the cause must be supernatural. However, unless they can eliminate the unknown natural causes, the logic does not work. It was a Viking argument from ignorance. Rowena is clearly the most seasoned witch on the show. She made and created her own magic.

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    She understands the profession and how it works. Guess who is the right person? Sam. He is not a witch, did not create his own magic. But among the crew available to Love #mysupernatural shirt, Rowena, there is an angel, a demon, Dean has no patience for magic and Sam. Sam, who studied the legend. Who has curiosity and respect magic? Who has helped in the past?

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    Sam is and is the most sensible option for an assistant. However, that was not the Love #mysupernatural shirt only reason she called him out. As Rowena said, she believed the prophecy. By calling Sam the closest person to an experienced witch “she made Sam be near her in case she needed to use her ending game. And she did. RIP Rowena. You did not give yourself enough credit. You have saved the world.

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