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Merry X-Raymas shirt

  • Back on the PlayStation 2, there was a game called “Timesplitters” (Fantastic Series) and Merry X-Raymas shirt. the starting pistol would fire as fast as you could pull the trigger. If I had to guess that’s where I first started learning how to spam the trigger. Maybe sometime in November/December when I’m back in New York. The first game that comes to mind is Dishonored. Michael keeps talking about how great it is. I hope to try and play it sometime soon, I just don’t know when. I asked Miles this question during his AMA

    What Does The Name Raymas Mean?

    but it seems appropriate to ask you, what has it been like going from a fan to a full-blown employee? Also, Shoutout to Tuxedo Mask! It’s weird but in a good way. There are still days where I walk into work and it doesn’t seem real. For the first month or two any time Burnie or Gus talked to me I got all excited! The whole rose thing comes from me loving the Tuxedo Mask character, and I have received a lot of roses from fans. Makes me feel like a pretty girl. I asked Miles this on his AMA, and I’ve also asked Mike on one of his Mikecasts so I guess I’ll ask you too: Do you think we could ever see one of those “sit down interview” things (like the ones Burnie used to do with people) but with you and Micheal asking Jack some My Little Pony Questions?

    Merry X-Raymas shirt,  ladies, v-neck t-shirt, tank top, flowy tank.

    Merry X-Raymas flowy tank

    flowy tank

    Merry X-Raymas ladies tee

    ladies tee

    Merry X-Raymas tank top

    tank top

    Merry X-Raymas unisex


    Merry X-Raymas v-neck



    I’m sure people will want something Halo 4 related every week when it comes out. But Minecraft is still one of the most popular games out there and we enjoy playing it. I see us playing Minecraft forever haha. Hey Ray! I want to express my most sincere condolences for your wooden hoe that Caleb threw in the lava in Minecraft Lets Play 22. When is the funeral? Not really. I did a background voice for an episode this season. That was a really cool experience, and I would do it again if they asked. But the voice acting isn’t something I ever thought about doing. I don’t really do well with a script. The videos for AH are perfect cause we can just ramble on about whatever we want. The Black Ops Zombie easter egg achievements were the worst. So much time spent failing to get it. Another one that comes to mind is “Clear 320 missions in Mission mode.” in Marvel vs Capcom 3. I’m really bad at fighting games and have no idea how I did that

    Official Merry X-Raymas sweater, hoodie, and long sleeve

    Merry X-Raymas sweatshirt


    Merry X-Raymas long sleeve

    long sleeve

    Merry X-Raymas hoodie



    It feels fantastic. It’s everything I thought it would be and more! Merry X-Raymas shirt. Not many people get to achieve their dream job. I was very fortunate that after doing community stuff for 3 or so years I finally got hired. Do you guys still give Gavin a load of shit for everything he does? Michael seems to have calmed down after everyone in the comments pointed it out, but Jack still seems asshole-ish to him. Let me just say this. If my butthole gets any more luscious it’s gonna cause some Chaos. If that ever happens I may need to call MJ and get Tina Sanchez

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