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  • There is a fact, not any regular yoga practitioner achieves the Metalyoga Pug dog Metallica shirt best health. To assess health status, according to philosophers, Eastern scholars, there are 6 criteria: never aches and pains, appetite – good digestion, good sleep, good memory, good looks playful, judgmental and accurate. At first, every new yoga practitioner easily feels his body flexible, supple, more energy, better health than the first 3-6 months. But then, for those who practice for a long time, most of them realize that somebody problems are not completely improved: still feel short of breath.

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    Aches and pains here and there Metalyoga Pug dog Metallica shirt. Difficulty sleeping, eating. delicious, constipation, inflammation, pimples, heavy tired people, unhappy face. Not strong mind, concentration. Some practitioners who have practiced for at least 1 year, often drink clear water. and right after training. Water or food when entering the body takes a while to absorb and digest. The body is very intelligent, will only prioritize to perform more important things. If you drink water during exercise, the digestive and excretory organs focus on absorbing and excreting water, you will not be able to focus on getting benefits from Asanas.

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    Therefore, your training process becomes useless. So you need Metalyoga Pug dog Metallica shirt to leave your stomach empty, for food it is 2-3 hours before exercise, water is 15-30 minutes before practicing. Practicing yoga also creates energy (prana) and opens energy channels (nadis) for the body. Energy has the characteristics of fire. Each breathing exercise or asana in the grouping exercise on the energy fire is extinguished by the water when you drink water. So what do you practice to do it and destroy it yourself? After practicing, keep this energy fire for the body. So do not rush to drink water immediately but wait 15-30 minutes later.\

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    The Metalyoga Pug dog Metallica shirt more energetic people are, the healthier and more energetic. Drinking water during exercise only when you feel your body is too thirsty. If you drink, take small sips with water close to your body temperature and be fully conscious, don’t drink. People are afraid of losing water when exercising because of sweating. In fact, when practicing true, slow, focused, deep breathing and relaxing among asanas, you will never feel thirsty even in the hot sun.

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