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  • Those who practice yoga for more than 1 year. If they still use Metalyoga Sloth Metallica shirt foods containing acid regularly every day. Such as meat, milk, eggs, sugar, drinks like coffee, green tea, milk tea that the body. Does not have Any reaction such as diarrhea, constipation, allergies, pimples, heat, abdominal pain, dryness, stress, etc. Proves that your body is not really healthy. A lot of people tell me they still use these things every day and that’s fine. You need to understand the principle that when your body is full of garbage inside. Even if you receive more garbage.

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    It will not bother reacting, your body has lost its natural resistance. It Metalyoga Sloth Metallica shirt is a real body weakness. If your body is really clear, clean, healthy, when you dump garbage (poison) into it. According to the natural mechanism, it will start to react. That’s when the body tells you, “I can’t stand these things, it’s horrible, take it.” When you use a lot of acid-forming foods, your body does not react at all, and if you use it, just use it, the risk of infection is very high because the blood is too acidic. If toxins are not pushed out by external boils such as pimples, heat, itching … it is silently creating ulcers inside.

    Metalyoga Sloth Metallica Tank top

    Tank top

    Metalyoga Sloth Metallica Ladies tee

    Ladies tee

    The Metalyoga Sloth Metallica shirt tumors inside are the tumors that make up the cancer. Eating lots of acid-forming foods is also a high risk of problems such as osteoporosis, joint pain, endocrine disorders, premature aging. The body is really balanced and healthy when maintaining an average pH of 7.4. Add lots of green vegetables, broccoli, beans, nuts, bananas, carrots, pumpkin, and sesame seeds in your diet to help your body maintain. Thanks to practicing Yoga properly, your body has very good resistance, and is sensitive to the toxins taken from outside. Listen and love your body. People who practice yoga are very concerned about their health, so there are many ways to improve and maintain their health. Functional foods are also a solution.

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    Functional foods are foods that Metalyoga Sloth Metallica shirt originate from nature. Which can add some functions to support treatment or prevent disease but if used too much, it will be harmful. For example, there was a time when I used turmeric to improve digestive problems caused by gastritis. At first, it helps. But every day I kept drinking, I became upset with my stomach, my face became inflamed, so I stopped using it. The body can completely heal itself when you do well 5 Yoga instructions every day: breathe right, practice the right posture, correct relaxation, correct nutrition, positive thinking & meditation.

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