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  • Kejariwal declared an I November we wear blue shirt parity rule again in 41515 November because during this time in Punjab and Haryana farmers burned Parali (the remains of crop waste) and it was only because of this that pollution levels increased. in Delhi every year. The central government of the Nitin Gadkari Ministry has completed two peripheral highways, with a long wait time, which has helped to significantly reduce air pollution because previously.

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    All trucks and Buses heading towards Haryana & Punjab both cause more air pollution. Do not enter Delhi. The last time Kejriwal introduced this strange thing – not even. After concluding the I November we wear blue shirt findings were analyzed by various agencies including IIT, SC monitoring committee but found the results to be HAD. Cars will not cause much air pollution. How even here a lot of concessions have been given like Ambulance, Govt. Car, Ladies drive a few names.

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    As the elections are taking place, he wants to play this showy to satisfy the I November we wear blue shirt public about his actions to reduce pollution, not because of this even quirky formula. But to tell the people of Delhi that he is powerless in lowering pollution levels due to incineration in neighboring countries where he has no control. He did his best. It was said that he made a good proposal for a community firefighting job like western countries, where people would gather in a specific place to see and enjoy the fireworks instead of burning the biscuits separately.

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    Because the burning Deepavali crackers are another major cause for Smog. Let’s see how Delhi people react to this. If he has met neighboring CMs to I November we wear blue shirt find ways and means of restraint, then at least lowering the threat will help & gain good support. Even the public must be aware of this nuisance and ask for personal help to maintain the current level of at least a 25% reduction in air pollution in Delhi. Tx.

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