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Nurse or nurse practitioner is a medical profession. Nurse ghost I will stab you shirt. That plays a very important role in the development of the medical profession as well as in the healthcare profession of the community. Devastating work is also the challenge a nurse needs to overcome. Who is a nurse? These are specialized nurses who care for and help the sick person with their daily activities. They provide support services that contribute to the rehabilitation and improvement of public health. Nurses take care of the sick both physically. Health status, pathology. Mentally follow the instructions and specific requirements of the treating doctor. A nurse is often responsible for taking care of many different patients. Depending on the condition of each hospital, the volume and content of nursing jobs vary. After graduation, nurses also have to attend training courses at the workplace.

Overview of the Nurse’s work

Learn and foster their knowledge of a particular specialty. Nurses are managed and directed by the head and chief nurse. They also perform the professional requirements of the treating doctor. They monitor the problems of the body physiology. Perform the requirements such as drug dispensing, injection drug, taking patients for shooting, testing. Nurses must take care of the sick person physically. Guide to rest, diet, exercise during hospitalization and minimum needs. Spiritual: Comfort, encouragement, talk to the patient. Record the register of patients into the hospital, medical records, transfer, hospital transfer, hospital. Daily, monthly health report. The work of the nurses is very hard with the volume of workload. Only the love of heart and morality can help them enough confidence and stability in the profession. As the person who directly treats and takes care of the patient. The nurses need to foster their own basic knowledge of medicine.

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To ensure the correct implementation of the professional requirements of the doctor. Nurses should perform accurate and adequate care such as injection, infusion, dressing, wound healing, using medical equipment, patient records. Nurses need to be patient. Be sympathetic and share the pain with the patient and encourage, comfort. The nurse is also a “psychiatrist” capable of reviewing and evaluating the patient’s morale at each stage. They also have to know the high requirements and principles: do not joke or contact with the patient. It is not just about changing the ice and waiting for the doctor to do the work. The job of a nurse requires a lot of work and the nurse’s work is almost the same as a doctor’s job – and there are some other jobs as well. The nurse’s job requires not only treating sick and injured patients. But also providing counseling and emotional.

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Support to patients, their families, health care, paperwork management. Nurse ghost I will stab you shirt. Patient diagnosis and healthcare consultation. This is one of the hardest jobs. While it can be an amazing reward for you when you choose this profession. Actually, not every career can save lives, but the profession The nurse can do that miracle. Working as a nurse means dealing with sick people. Most of the nurses do things by starting as a nurse practitioner in a hospital. Once you master the art of handwriting reading you can move on to a better. Change or job management role for the doctor. After that, the placement nurse may be promoted to nurse manager or head nurse. Get a high degree and you will be able to find yourself a higher job opportunity. Also an assistant director, director, vice president, or head nurse.

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