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  • Probably not, at Oh 4 Fox Logo sake shirt least not in the near future. One America News Network is trying hard to put itself in the right of Fox News, by even more supportive of Trump than all the more famous Fox News commentators. Owned by a wealthy pro-Trump business manager named Robert Herring, OAN has satisfied Mr. Trump with the constant protection of whatever he says and does.

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    However, the Oh 4 Fox Logo sake shirt network has very few actual news reporters and many, many commentators (none of them famous as Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson). Moreover, OAN is not yet available on most major cable systems, which means it has a much smaller audience than Fox News. That said, for those seeking a channel that is very supportive of Trump, OAN can augment Fox News.

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    But I doubt it will compete with it very much. Fox News supports Republicans. They have proven that they will go as far as to lie to make Republicans and their policies look good. The Republican party has passed laws that make it easier for the rich to Oh 4 Fox Logo sake shirt become richer. Republicans deny scientific data that shows people are contributing to climate change because regulations to reduce emissions that are harmful to our ecosystem cost large businesses to pay.

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    They have to eliminate old cars that produce lots of carbon monoxide, they have to put scanners to remove toxins from the air when burning coal, they have to Oh 4 Fox Logo sake shirt spend money to reduce electricity consumption by installing lights. more efficient, and so on, turned on. Because Fox News supports Republicans, they also agree with denying that global warming is at least partly human.

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