Penguin Merry kiss my ass shirt

Penguin Merry kiss my ass shirt

Yeah, but they also need land. Penguin Merry kiss my ass shirt. The little guy can’t be released into the infinite ocean like a turtle. He needs to live on the beach or at least on rocks or cliffs. It seems so strange to release a penguin as they did in the video. Damn. Poor little guy ate some sand thinking it was just some really warm, grainy, non-melty snow. Poor little Orca ate a penguin thinking it was filled with fresh water, not realizing it was really filled with the pulverized exoskeletons of a shared ancestor and a couple of tiny rocks.

What is Penguin meaning?

Hopefully, the porpoise motherfucker is ok after eating a penguin full of sand. It’d be a shame if something ate him and got sick. Yea that orca is fucked. No way he goes more than a round or two in the ring with The Meg after he ate an emperor penguin-filled to the crop with sand. How did they know it was eaten by a whale? It just says the tracker stopped, so couldn’t it have been a shark or poacher? That definitely makes sense, but if I were to write about this, I’d probably not go out and say it was eaten. The same penguin nearly died from sand already, so it could’ve died due to something like that, any predator (of course including whales), a human, or any other type of death causing event. I don’t have kids. Is this what it feels like when they move out?!? I’m both heartbroken and excited at the same time. When we left the house to take me to school a few states away, I left my Mom a card on her pillow. A week later when they get home my Dad tells me she can’t come to the phone because the card “destroyed her completely.” And they wonder why I’m so DRAMATIC!!!

Penguin Merry kiss my ass shirt, ladies, v-neck t-shirt, tank top, flowy tank.

Penguin Merry kiss my ass flowy tank
flowy tank
Penguin Merry kiss my ass ladies tee
ladies tee
Penguin Merry kiss my ass tank top
tank top
Penguin Merry kiss my ass v-neck


You know that heart-crushing children’s book The Runaway Bunny? Mom read that to me in the years before she met David (awesome human and award-winning StepDad) and after my Dad bounced (not ready to be anyone’s father, babies are so NOISY and no one is paying attention to ME!!!). It was our thing. I found a card with an illustration from that book, of the Mommy and Baby bunnies in a field of grass, and I put a quote from the book inside about how the Mommy bunny would always come to find the runaway baby bunny no matter what. I was trying to say “I’m always your baby bunny and you’re always my Mama bunny” but I think that coming home to an empty nest, it probably read more like “HAHA! BABY BUNNY OUT! AND WUT?!” So that didn’t land as planned. But truth be told, having children is the best and worst thing you can ever do to yourself. My extra-loved children are so deeply cared for I think of them every day and will worry about their happiness for the rest of my life on earth and the beyond. If I never had them I wouldn’t know the difference…but my universe was calling out for them to be born.

Official Penguin Merry kiss my ass sweater, hoodie, and long sleeve

Penguin Merry kiss my ass sweatshirt
Penguin Merry kiss my ass long sleeve
long sleeve
Penguin Merry kiss my ass hoodie


I’m sorry but F her. Penguin Merry kiss my ass shirt. I’m trying not to cuss and I’m trying to live a positive life right now but this really makes me angry. Completely unacceptable and if she felt that way maybe she could say it to a friend or something- but not to you. I’m so sorry. If you were my kid you could live with me forever. Awww thanks! I’m an older woman now with grown children. She’s still alive but we haven’t spoken in many years. She left me at an orphanage when I was 3 months old bc my bio father wouldn’t marry her. She thinks of herself before anyone – always.

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