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Pittsburgh Steelers Avengers Shirt

  • Going to a Steelers game is an absolutely electric event  Pittsburgh Steelers Avengers Shirt. Tailgating, whether with friends or strangers. Is a must. Everyone is so inviting. Steeler fans are not only the best fans in all of pro sports, they are the definition of “salt of the Earth”. Everyone you meet here is friendly, kind and helpful. Unless of course, you are a disgusting Ravens or Cowgirls fan. Ain’t nobody got time fo that! Traditionally the Steelers used a run offense with what became the famous Steel Curtain defense. This defense used more linebackers than most and blitzed the line of scrimmage more often than other defenses.

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    With Ben Rothlesburger as the quarterback they moved away from a run defense into a 50/50 and then recently more a pass offense. Letting Rothlesburger sit back in the pocket and pick a receiver rather than letting him run head first into the defensive core. Legend has it that the Steelers were founded with money that Art Rooney won at a racetrack, betting on horses. Is the legend true? Well, it’s probably based on fact, but The Chief, as Mr. Rooney is still affectionately known in Pittsburgh, never confirmed nor denied the story. The story has been told over and over again.


    And knowing The Chief’s character Pittsburgh Steelers Marvel Shirt. I’m sure there were some embellishments along the way. So what do we know? Well, we know something about Art Rooney’s background. He was something of a cad in his youth, adoring sports. He played semi-pro/minor league baseball and was an Olympic class boxer, having tried out for the 1920 Olympic team. His parents were, well, if not wealthy, at least comfortably established in the 20s and 30s, owning a local café and saloon on Pittsburgh’s North Side. He had some involvement with local politics, serving as a Row Officer in one of the local city commissions for a very brief time. Rather than, in his own words.

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    “Working an honest job,” The Chief became a professional gambler. Promotor and a sportsman, using his contacts throughout the city with the political. And business related movers and shakers. We also know that, at the time. Pittsburgh was the prime target of the fledgling NFL for a team. In the 20s and 30s, the Steel industry boomed, and Pittsburgh was something like the 5th largest city in the country. Football was (and still is) king in Western Pennsylvania, and the University of Pittsburgh Panthers were a huge draw nationally. Winning national championships on a regular basis, defeating their arch-rivals at Notre Dame and Fordham. Jock Sutherland and Pop Warner were national figures from the region, and football royalty.

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    Pittsburgh couldn’t field a team. In 1933, PA repealed its Blue laws Pittsburgh Steelers Marvel Shirt. And The Chief paid the NFL $2500 for the franchise, which he named the Pirates. This is where things seem to diverge from the historical record and enter the realm of legend and tall tales. The story seems to be that Wellington Mara, a friend of Art Rooney and owner of the New York Giants. Had been bugging the Chief to use his contacts to get the blue laws repealed. Mara and Rooney, according to the story, went to horse racing tracks in NYC together on a fairly regular basis, and had a personal bet that. If a longshot horse paid off. Rooney would buy the team and convince the lawmakers he knew to get the Blue Laws repealed.

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    The long shot came in at Belmont Park Pittsburgh Steelers Avengers Shirt. And Rooney won $160,000. The rest, as they say, is history. Pittsburgh has been a trading post and strategic defensive position for hundreds of years. Sitting at the fork where the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers form the Ohio, it was a key inland port, providing access via water to Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Illinois, and then every location along the Mississippi.


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