Pork Rub shirt

Pork Rub shirt

Taking a Pork Rub shirt roast pork coat with spice, I use a piece of garlic pork and Tony’s Cajun spice. I usually leave all the fat for the taste and when I separate the pork, I remove the fat. After wedging, place it in the crockery pot, install slowly or as low as 8 hours. I like BBQ things like ribs, brisket, pork shoulder or butt pork – the meat on the bone is great for BBQ. Pork can withstand low and slow cooking techniques, and ribs that do very well for hours are wrapped in low.

Pork Rub tank top, ladies tee

And slow-cooked foil and rubbed everywhere with a Pork Rub shirt spice rub. I won’t do this with T-bone, Filet Mignon or porterhouse… I just can’t. That’s just me tho. You see, in America, barbecue is a cooking method in which you cook a piece of cheap meat, like the upper part of the front leg of pork (we call it Boston butt here, you can see it as a blade) and cook it on a low heat for a long time, usually with smoke. Through the magic of modern technology, you can do this in your oven.

Pork Rub Ladies tee
Ladies tee
Pork Rub Tank top
Tank top

Rub your pork down with a spice rub (the Internet is full of spice combinations for this) and place it on a rack in your largest oven safety pan and loosen the lid. Put this in your fridge for a Pork Rub shirt a few hours (or overnight). Some recipes call for a braised liquid. Add it to your pan. Insert your thermometer and put everything into the oven. Set the temperature as low as possible and let stand for 6-8 hours. Cut and enjoy.

Pork Rub sweater, hoodies

Pork Rub Hoodie
Pork Rub Sweater

Purchase three 1/4″ to 3/8″ chops per person. Best is Loin chops, 2nd best is Center Cut; Loin chops look like a T-bone steak and have a piece of Tenderloin. You can buy “Thin cut” or you can have a Pork Rub shirt butcher cut a loin to the correct size. Scrape chops with a steak or chef’s knife; wipe the knife with a paper towel and repeat on another side. Discard. (This step removes the scum from the saw blade when they were sawed. Do this on steaks too. You’ll be surprised how much comes off!)

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