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  • Now only a special subset of the Proud to be Human Scum shirt population voted for him. They, or during less sophisticated market segments, are called the “lowest common denominator”. Smart, knowledgeable voters are not emotionally fixed for short-term, narrow private interests but a broader national interest because they are patriots who understand the common good of the community.

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    And the common good is the best interest for Proud to be Human Scum shirt themselves and their posterity, never-Trump because, as critics think, they know human scum is not right for them but completely opposite again. We have known for a long time that Trump treats his personal loyalty to everything else, and is not loyal to him as a traitor, as if he were a historical king or an autocrat. But Trump appears to be losing control of himself more.

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    So now I need research on psychological disruption to Proud to be Human Scum shirt understand the president. Who would have thought we were here? It is a matter of doing your own thing (imagine that). He still sees them as his subordinates and makes unrealistic demands that they cannot fulfill then squirms the two of them, calling them human scum.

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    Senators read the polls. They see the need for impeachment tends to Proud to be Human Scum shirt increase. Most were wise enough not to wallow in the mask of a sinking ship. So, some people are putting distance from Trump. Moscow Mitch tried to pass a resolution to condemn the impeachment investigation to show the solidarity of the GOP senator with Trump. Disaster. The result is a plea please go lightly on the ace and 10 or more senators have refused to sign it.

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