Santa Claus Flossing through the snow shirt

Santa Claus Flossing through the snow shirt

Very young children often wonder who is Santa Claus. Santa Claus Flossing through the snow shirt. Where does Santa come from? In their minds, Santa Claus was the one they expected the most during one year. He would come in red, white beard, flying in a carriage with nine reindeer dragons, to deliver his gifts on Christmas Eve through the chimney. However, this character is not necessarily fiction, Santa Claus is related to a saint in Christianity – St. Nicholas. December 6 is called “St. Nicholas Day”. The name “Santa Claus” is a shortened version of the name “Saint Nicholas”. St. Nicholas was born in the 3rd century AD, 270 AD. He was a bishop in Greece. Saint Nicholas was at that time considered to be very different from those in the Church.

Santa is a real character?

Most notably, he is a very famous Bishop with surprising gifts. Many stories of the saint’s kindness have been told by people for many generations during and after his death. In the narrated story, St. Nicholas serves as a kind person who rescues a poor father along with his three daughters. In order to save his children from being abducted by prostitutes in society, St Nicholas threw a bag full of gold into the chimney at a man’s house. The gold coin falls from the chimney down and falls on the pair of socks that the poor man’s daughter hips up to the fireplace to dry. Thanks to this money, one of the girls has money to marry and not be sold as prostitutes anymore.

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The other two daughters quickly followed their sister. Santa Claus Flossing through the snow shirt. Hung up the sackcloth by the fireplace to receive the gold. As a result, two sisters got married. This is also the source for the story of three gold spheres. According to many legends, Santa lives in the Arctic with dwarves and spend most of the year preparing toys for children. At every Christmas, he will receive countless children’s letters from around the world. When the night of Christmas falls, he rides the chariot pulled by eight reindeer. To start the journey of giving presents to your children. Take the reason Santa Claus lives and work in the Arctic, along with the belief in such famous Hollywood films as The Polar Express that many (mostly young) believe that the Arctic.

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Santa Claus Flossing through the snow V-neck
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Or those in North Europe (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland) is his real home. The children always look forward to once in their life to meet Santa Claus. And often this character exists only as a legend with gift bags, reindeer and climbing down the chimney. The “adult” story says that Santa Claus is generous, often using his inheritance to help the poor and sick. He is the patron saint of sailors and children. Santa immigrated to the United States with the Dutch and was called “Sinterklass”. They gather every year to commemorate the day of his death. The first Santa Claus image to appear in stores was the 1840s, according to

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The real controversy has arisen around the real life of Santa Claus. The Telegraph reported that St. Nicholas died in 343, then buried at St. Nicholas of Demre, the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Christmas brings us closer together, Santa Claus is the symbol of the fullness, happiness and happiness that every one desires. There is nothing comparable to the good old man to make people in the world more united. Only faith, love, poetry and romance are strong enough to make people better. Do not listen to your friends, help them understand how great faith is.

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