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Sober AF fuck shirt

  • Some days I’m, at best, alright with being sober but most days I fucking hate it. Sober AF fuck shirt. I hate that everyone is forced to do something. And I went to their university. I graduated first class. Continue to graduate from higher education to a master and graduate from first class. Work, etc. If I want to shoot dope and coke I do not understand why it is anyone’s business. It made me damn happy. Everyone else can make their alternative lifestyle choices so hips and sharp but if you want to make drugs you are fucking strange. Are not. Idk I’m just angry I’m awake. and now i’m being hit w. In Vivitrol damn, so another hard in 30 days nonsense. I can not wait for this to end and my tolerance to go down.

    How do you sober?

    Everyone off my back and I can go back to do what I like. Everyone says shit is “better on the other side” foolish man. I do not see any joy in becoming alert. I do not see anything. Fun with the shopping, travel, etc. I take a day off in my head with the help of medicine. Any sober AF I guess shit motivation will be appreciated bc I’ll get early. I picked up 2 pies last night that I threw away my family life blew up in my face (thank god I dropped it) and that would make me homeless. I guess the only thing I have right now is that there are too many consequences I face for my family to use but this is just like torture.

    Sober AF fuck shirt, v-neck t-shirt, ladies tee

    Sober AF fuck Guys tee

    Guys tee

    Sober AF fuck Ladies tee

    Ladies tee

    Sober AF fuck V-neck


    Someone commented to me: “You have said yourself, there are big consequences when using. Is it worth living a lie to get a quick chemical fade color? Addiction is unsustainable, if it does not have consequences for your family, drugs will still find ways to destroy your life in some way, shape or form. Looking at many stories here, some people have lost the love of life, family, home, work, everything and anything that can be lost has been lost by our addiction. So my motivation to stay awake is the freedom from that and know I can really be happy all on my own. I can only survive without having to worry about when all will fall down on me. It really is a great feeling. Sober AF”.

    Sober AF fuck sweater, hoodie, and long sleeve

    Sober AF fuck Sweater


    Sober AF fuck Hoodie


    Sober AF fuck Long sleeve

    Long sleeve

    It’s not an easy process, nor is it a quick process Sober AF fuck shirt. But those who tell you that it’s “better on the other side” is right. You need to adjust to stay awake. Look at a supportive and treatment team. Review your old hobby or try new things. And one day you’ll look back at this post and grateful to you for stuck. It’s out, I promise.  I just wish I could get like 60 days or something to take a glimpse. I have always recurred before as the 20th. Talk about waste though. I can and should own a house. that’s the motive for me. I see a lot of colleagues moving on social meaning. Marriage, children, home ownership, etc. And I blunt and ignored the main financial obligations. So, I mean sober AF. I just do not want to.


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