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Soon to be mommy shirt

  • The past nine months Soon to be mommy shirt. Now is the time to wait for the baby crying, only weeks, baby of my parents. Our mother has “get together” although she has not really seen the shape of the child how. How is your face? What is your nose? So far I can only imagine. But I still feel a breath like a breath in my mother’s womb, feeling my movements through the sharp senses of motherhood.  So I thought that my mother and I started to know and “understand” each other. Now I know you are making small steps to enter the human world with so many others; Some people are close, some are far away, but even if not, they will share with them a part of human history.

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    I was imagining the eyes of three children when I opened my eyes to life. Glad to see you present. I will hold your hand, hear the first cry when greeting the life that parents are facing. Looking at the eyes full of love that she found in it is fun but also mixed anxiety because want to be wrapped about the things that grow up to bear. I’m sure you will hear my first cry, because you love me so much, you will never leave me, how much more is it that you have to bear the pain and labor to give birth. Daddy will be by my side. Grab your mother’s hand to share the pain and joy of receiving the baby. And then the days after, my parents, my grandparents, my cousin’s uncles.


    All the ones you can rely on and all will help me walk the twisted and bumpy road Soon to be mommy shirt. which is called the way of life. From the day I knew a child, I thought less of myself. When looking up at heaven, she always prayed that she would be born, healthy and have a peaceful life. I thank God for the mother to be mother and I hope that I will be worthy of this precious gift. On many occasions these days, I imagine a future for you, whether you think about what you can do, the first steps you will take. Perhaps it is the innate defect of mothers, and only now can the mother understand.

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    But at the same time she wants her to discover all that she has learned from her life Soon to be mommy shirt. And Explain to you what you have learned from mistakes. I hope we have enough time to do that. I wish that the adults live in peace, responsibility and consciousness so as not to leave me with the dreadful implications of greed or selfishness that previous generations have created. I know that this dream is easy to become illusory because now the greed is dominating the world. But how do you know your weakness? I just hope that one day a child’s gaze or cry may awaken the blind selfishness of an adult so that there may be a positive result. Otherwise, the painful cry is just the desperate sound of the desert.

    I know you need a lot of time to understand these words. But I hope you finally understand my mother’s feelings, dreams and concerns. Previously, she was a courageous woman. But since the mother’s mother has been anxious and fearful of everything. I am not afraid of dying but worrying that if I have a baby, no one will take care of me better than my mother. Hope is not alone in the mother. In families, select friends, companions … We will meet the soul of sympathy, have much love and share these dreams. To help her mother step on the road.

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    I wish you peace and happiness with what you will have Soon to be mommy shirt. I believe God is fair, he gave no one so little, nor gave too much. So, you should cherish, enjoy and be grateful for the things that you have, even if they are not the ultimate glory. Even if you are dissatisfied, you can not be more fortunate than half humanity on earth now. I wish you were awar.

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