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  • Spaceship Earth is so much more than “that giant golf ball”. This magnificent structure took 26 months to build.  Disney played with the idea of a dome but soon decided they wanted a full sphere.  They settled on the size of a 160′ diameter geodesic sphere elevated above the ground. Spaceship Earth is not simply an architectural icon; it also contains an attraction of the same name. Disney Imagineers even worked with science fiction writer Ray Bradbury on its structure and storyline. This was done to determine pressure coefficients for the design and to test wind pressure underneath the sphere. They didn’t want the wind to knock guests over as they walked under the structure. The Shell structure is actually a sphere-within-a-sphere design.

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    The larger sphere has a radius of about two feet greater than the smaller sphere. The “double-skin” came about as a solution to a few problems Disney dealt with during the design. There was no one material that could meet all the engineering requirements, so the sphere-within-a-sphere concept was born. The outer skin is purely for show.  They chose a material called Alucobond which is polyethylene plastic sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum.  There are aluminum pipe standoffs to create the gap between the inner and outer skins.  For the outer shell, they decided to subdivide each of the large triangles into four smaller triangles on which they placed triangular pyramids.

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    What we see are the small triangular pyramids. Spaceship earth shirt. The sphere-within-a-sphere design also addresses another issue – rain. By leaving one-inch gaps between the Alucobond facets. Rainwater travels down to the waterproof inner skin where it accumulates. At a hidden gutter system at the equator of the sphere and is then carried off to the World Showcase Lagoon. So yeah, it really is so much more than a giant golf ball. Spaceship Earth is the ride that is in Epcot’s most notable landmark, the giant silver golf ball! This ride itself is dull and mellow.  However, this is one of those rides I go on for nostalgic purposes. This ride has not changed much since I was a young kid in the 80’s.  I wonder what my good friend’s 8 and 10-year-olds would think of this ride.

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    It does feel dated, but I would also hate to see the ride go into extinction. After entering your four-seater vehicle, it takes you to witness pivotal moments in world history.  You see the Sistine Chapel being painted, the printing press starting to run. We learn about the birth of math, man landing on the moon and the emergence of tech as we know it today.  The animatronics on here are very old school. The only scene that really jumped out at me as new, after having not been on this ride in 15 years, was the one with Steve Jobs in his Los Altos, CA garage.  Spaceship Earth is a track ride in Future World – Spaceship Earth at Epcot. While it not the best, it also recommended.

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    I’m sure other changes have been made. Spaceship earth shirt. But that one really caught my attention. Judi Dench narrates your ride through, according to Wiki, she is the 4th narrator in this attraction’s history.  When I was young Walter Cronkite was the narrator. But of course, I don’t remember it well. There is a smell on this ride has not changed either. It’s almost an earthy and smokey one. One other neat feature is the touchscreen in your vehicle.  You design your future towards the end of your ride.  The screen plays a very short, Jetson-ish version of what things might be like one day.  The cute thing that your face plastered onto these people in the video. This ride is a good escape from a blazing hot Florida day!

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