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  • A 2 year ago, American sports – Stand for something shirt. Especially rugby players were at the center of a rare sporting event. That was directly related to politics over the years. They knelt, joined hands during the national anthem United rebounded before the battle. This is an act of protest against President Donald Trump after the head of the White House condemned Colin Kaepernick’s “no respect for the flag” action, a play for the San Francisco 49ers. From the stadiums in the big cities to the grasslands, the stars and the stripes on the American flag always carry on. The predominant American wounds that accompanied the national anthem are parallel to the national anthem, and it seems that the national anthem is at a sporting event. Not just sports anymore, especially nowadays.

    Americans are inundated with unstable news and the threat of extremism. “We are the nation of patriots and we are no different from the rest of the world on this point. When we grow up and in prosperity, everyone wants to show patriotism, “Ferris added. NFL president Roger Goodell today sent a letter urging players to stand up. This is a lump in the rear after three weeks in a row. In September, Trump scolded the players kneeling at the flag as the “animal” is the act of gratitude for the soldiers sacrificed to protect the Flag, to protect the United States. At the weekend afterward there were hundreds of players kneeling together when singing the national flag salute, mostly black, create A rumor of Trump stigmatizing on the mainstream media, and of course, the NFL is not easy to follow Trump.

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    Until there are signs that their bags may burn because of the fan boycott. There is an excuse that the NFL is a very private organization. Trump Stand for something, therefore, is threatening to consider the absurdity of the NFL. So the NFL must respond, according to the fans and follow Trump, when they see their pocket is at risk of perforation. Vice-President Donald Trump left in mid-air after some players knelt down during the national anthem. “I left midway through the Colts game today because of the president and I did not raise any incidents of lack of respect for the soldiers, to the flag or the national anthem. “Pence wrote on Twitter. The US Vice President also made a formal statement opposing the action he deemed unresponsive to the American values of the players in the football game.

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    President Donald Trump then posted on Twitter Stand for something shirt. And praised Mr. Pence’s actions. After leaving the stadium, Vice President Pence posted a photo on the social network. Where he and Karen were standing in the stands. Hands on their chest while listening to the national anthem. The movement is on its knees when the national anthem starts in 2016. When Colin Kaepernick performs the action in a match. Instead of standing up for the traditional flag. Kaepernick kneeling on the football pitch to protest against. The alleged racist behavior of US police when shooting dead people of color. The movement rebounded this month after President Trump criticized the players at a rally in Alabama. Trump considers kneeling while singing the national anthem as a disrespect to the flag. And calls for the exclusion of those who take such action off the court.

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