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Stop calling 911 on the culture shirt

  • The strong message went to the fashionable Stop calling 911 on the culture. At the New York Fashion Week, the trendsetting series embodies political. And social issues through slogans on clothing. Jeremy Scott is one of the designers who dares to express personal views around life. With the collection of spring and summer 2019, designers have told the story of childhood. And social issues with 3D characters attached to costumes such as riot, resistance, sex or peace … Perhaps Pyer Moss is the first fashion house to bring Spring Summer Fashion Week 2019 to Weeksville. This neighborhood was one of the first free-to-American communities in the United States, founded by an African-American. James Weeks after slavery was abolished in New York in 1838. The site of Pyer Moss takes place on the premises of the Weeksville Heritage Center.

    Designer Kerby Jean-Raymond has studied the landscapes and lives of African-Americans in the process of making this collection. He exploited the aspect of unjust living of people of color as they were repeatedly discriminated against by the police. With straightforward political messages, “Stop calling 911 on the culture,” he used fashion to convey the voice of justice to black people. Hiding behind the multicultural curtain in the United States has, over the years, smelled of ethnic discrimination. Especially the stigma of white Americans and the African American community. America is a multiracial, T-shirt near me in the United States, multicultural. However, hidden behind the multicultural curtain over the past years has the smoldering of racial discrimination. Especially the stigma of white Americans and the African American community. Discrimination. of white law enforcement officers with colored citizens.

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    Recent incidents of dangerous degrees have signaled a rise in alarm bells on racism in the United States. There is an undeniable fact that in the past decade, the black community has made important contributions to a superpower America and many African Americans have flourished in many fields from literature. Sports-to-political-economics. Such as the “pop princess” Michael Jackson. Diva celebrity Whitney Houston, boxing legend Muhammad Ali. Famous writer Toni Morrison. Former exile Chief of Staff of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell. Even so, many have hoped for a new chapter for the black community in the United States. After Senator Barack Obama became the nation’s first black president in 2008. However Stop calling 911 on the culture, the success of Some people of color. Are just rare dots in the general picture of the United States.

    Official Stop calling 911 on the culture sweater, hoodie, long sleeve

    The white Stop calling 911 on the culture shirt is the simple but meaningful reflection of injustice in the deep society. The Civil Rights Movement and the Black Powers Movement of 1954-1975. Opened a new chapter for the African American community in particular. And the American communities of different cultures in general. From then on, however, there are still many questions surrounding social equity in the United States. As racist obscenities are still permeating every facet of social life. By 2017, the march in Virginia is much smaller. But it is a reflection of the United States. So after nearly 250 years of existence that do not fill the gulf separated by color and discriminatory thoughts. The United States needed a lot of time. And effort to eradicate the haunting racist scandal that had started since. the country.


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