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Supreme shirt

  • When mentioning Supreme Supreme shirt. Everyone immediately thought of the simple but extremely prominent brand logo on the cult designs that made so many desires. Young age but the words “Supreme” white placed in a simple red rectangle are considered to be on par with other brand logos such as Swoosh of Nike, adidas 3 Stripes or Apple Apples. Up to now, Supreme’s brand value is very high with always-hyped designs when released, a shirt printed with Supreme logo at the original price of $ 148 USD can be sold at a price of $ 1,000 USD. Join ELLE Man to discover the birth history of this expensive brand logo. In 1983, James also shared that he was not a skateboarder or a true hip hop man.

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    But he always loved and admired graphic drawings on skateboards. That were popular and spiritually Their freedom is a bit rebellious. He found that the large skateboarder community and contemporary skateboarding culture were lacking a specialized fashion brand for them. When Supreme was launched, the brand mainly sold items of skateboarding brands such as Zoo York, Shorty’s and Spitfire. Gradually, James felt that Supreme should have his own designs. And three of Supreme’s T-shirt designs were born: a print of skaters of the 1970s, a print of New York’s image – Travis Bickle from Martin Scorsese’s “Taxi Driver”.

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    The last shirt with the simplest design with the words ‘Supreme’ is written in the font Futura Bold Oblique in a red rectangle Supreme shirt. Designer James Jebbia moved to New York with the desire to “materialize” his fashion dream. With a passion for fashion and art, James founded the street fashion brand called Union NYC. This is also the time that James met Shawn Stussy, the founder of Stussy brand. It was Shawan who helped James make a spectacular step in his life. The two talented designers worked together and founded the famous Stussy brand in New York in 1991. Finally, in 1994 Jame separated and founded Supreme with the aim of creating high-end clothing.

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    flowy tank

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    And trendy for skateboarding culture. Surprisingly, Supreme’s brand logo has a lot in common with Kruger’s propaganda style. Futura Bold Oblique font is simple to the way words fit in the red rectangle background. However, artist Barbara Kruger does not register for this style, so she did not speak up about this coincidence and of course also got benefits from the current Supreme brand logo. Barbara Kruger’s propaganda style involved the feminist movement of the 80s and 90s. Her most prominent work is the propaganda “Your Body If a Battleground” (1989) to support legalization of the work. abortion.

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    James Jebbia later proceeded to sue Married to the Mob brand Supreme shirt. When using the white ‘Supreme bitch’ phrase on a red rectangle on their designs, Barbara quipped: “This situation is absurd and like a funny joke. My effort for many years was caught in this farce. I’m waiting for all of them to sue me for copyright infringement. ” And after that statement, Supreme and Married to the Mob litigation also ended in silence.

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