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Tell me what love is chuck a man called Jesus shirt

  • See you on a sinking boat Tell me what love is chuck a man called Jesus shirt. Do you want someone to come and save you? – What if someone sacrificed their lives to do that? – That’s what Jesus Christ did. As we learned in Chapter 37, he sacrificed his life for a ransom, saving us. Of course, Jesus does not save us from sinking. Do you remember that He saved us from nothing? – From the sin and death that Adam handed down to us all. Even though some people did very bad things, Jesus died for them. Are you willing to risk your life to save people like that? The Bible says, “Someone died for a man; Ordinarily, some are willing to die for the good. ” However, the Bible explains that Jesus “died for sinners.”

    Why should we love Jesus?

    Among them are those who do not serve God! The Bible adds: “When we are sinners [are doing bad things], Christ died for us.” Jesus proved that he also had such great love for us. Perhaps I remember in Chapter 30 of this book, we read some of the sufferings Jesus suffered the night he was arrested. He was sent to Caiaphas High Priest to be tried. The false witness slanders Jesus, and people punch him. That night, Peter denied knowing Jesus. Now suppose we are there and can see other things. Morning comes. Jesus slept all night. Because the night trial was unlawful.


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    The priests rushed to summon the Sanhedrin Tell me what love is chuck a man called Jesus shirt. The supreme court of the Jews, to have another trial. At this trial, they again forced Jesus to sin against God. Then the priests ordered Jesus to be tied up and taken to Pilate, the Roman governor. They told Pilate, “Jesus opposed the government. He was to be executed. But Pilate could see the priests lying. So he told them: ‘I do not see this person guilty. I will forgive you. But the priests and the others shouted, ‘No! Kill him! Then Pilate tried to tell the people that he would release Jesus. But the priests exclaimed, “If the minister is with him, he also opposes the government. Kill him! ‘The crowd became very noisy.

    Do you know what Pilate is doing? He surrendered. First, he beat Jesus. He then sent him to the soldiers to be executed. They banded a spike over Jesus’ head and kneeled down to mock him. Then they arrested Jesus carrying a large tree and led them out of the city to a place called the place of the skull. Here they nailed Jesus’ hands and feet to the tree. Then they set up the tree for Jesus to hang on the tree. His blood poured out. He was in terrible pain. Can you think of ways to show that you are living for Christ? – One way is to tell others what you learned about him. Or think this: I’m alone, my parents do not see what I’m doing, and no one saw me.

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    Do you watch TV shows or the Internet view images that you know are not happy with Jesus Tell me what love is chuck a man called Jesus shirt? – Remember Jesus is alive, and you can see everything we do. Another reason why we should love Jesus is that we want to imitate the Lord. Jesus said, “You love me.” Do you know why Jehovah loves Jesus and we should love Jesus too? – Because Jesus was ready to die for God’s will. Let us then do what the Bible says: “Be imitators of God as his beloved children; Walk in love, just as Christ loved you, and because we give ourselves up. “

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