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  • Thanos is considered one of the most vicious in the Marvel Universe Thanos Cash shirt. However, he does not always play the bad guy. There are some rare times Thanos is really a good person. In fact, there are many times in comics, Thanos really help others instead of destroying them. With his unparalleled strength, he has repeatedly protected the Marvel Universe. Here you will find 10 proof that Thanos has done a lot of good work. Gamora is known to be the most dangerous woman in the galaxy. She was the last of the Zen-Whoberi race, her people were killed by Magus and then she was rescued by Thanos. Thanos finds that Magus will become more powerful in the future.

    Who is Thanos?

    He decides to adopt and teach Gamora to take advantage of her to take power from Magus. His motives are very selfish, but it is a good thing to be pregnant. And to cover a child for a long time. Thanos carries the Deviant genes, one of the first two species in the universe. The genetic mutation of Thanos is named Deviant Syndrome, and he is the only one in the universe with this syndrome. Some of the most noticeable features of the mutation in Thanos are uneven body proportions, purple skin, and split chin. Because of the sudden mutation, Mother Thanos, Sui-San.


    Noticed something wrong with his son Thanos Cash shirt. And saw death in his eyes so he intended to kill him. prevent timely. In the end, Thanos becomes hostile to all family members, destroying his homeland with all the lives there. He killed her at the age of 12. Thanos’s home is Titan, one of Saturn’s moons, that is, the same galaxy with the Earth. Because he was born different, so when he grew up, Thanos was always treated negatively by the people in his hometown, making him become the people today. That’s also why he destroyed Titan and killed the humans there. After conquering the planet of Chitauri, Thanos encounters a future version of himself.

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    Dominating the entire universe under the name of King Thanos Thanos Cash shirt. Thanos fought with King Thanos for thinking he was a fake, but King Thanos revealed his true identity by reading the name his mother intended to give him after his birth, Dione. . But after seeing him suffering from Deviant Syndrome, she went mad and named him Thanos. Until the time of his death, Sui-San revealed this truth to Thanos. Thanos loved killing and destroying everything, not only did he devote himself to nihilism and death. As he grew up, he fell in love with Mistress Death, the embodiment of death. He wiped out the species and planets to prove his love for Death. After leaving Titan and pursuing adventures as well as death.

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    Thanos becomes a robber in outer space. Joining with other bandits. However, he does not like teamwork and does not have any respect for the commanders and eventually becomes the leader. At one point, Thanos gathered all the Infinite Rockers, and he decided to test how powerful they were to him, with one hand. So half of life in the entire universe was wiped out immediately. It is not clear why he did not eradicate humanity at that time when everyone knew his greatest wish was to dominate the whole universe. Once, Thanos encounters the Squirrel Girl.

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    A girl who is able to climb and talk to Squirrel, and is defeated by her Thanos Cash shirt. Of course, it was only in battle that he could not kill him, and it was true Thanos, not his robot, clone, or illusion. Even so, people do not explain how she defeated him, only to know that she had defeated both Wolverine and Dr. Kelly. Doom again. Despite its might, Thanos is defeated by many different characters, such as Squirrel Girl, which is unacceptable. Because it was not possible to draw all of Toric’s own stories and not be able to go back in time to correct them, artist Jim Starlin came up with a solution.

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