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  • The Boston Red Sox closed the World Series on Sunday night and won its fourth title in the century. The fabbest five shirt. However, it was Duke’s elite freshmen group, which originally featured on the cover of the latest Sports Illustrated magazine. With a special digital cover, they are still. Duke’s digital cover includes a special digital cover, including the Tiger Woods’ Tour Championship win in September, the No. 16 UMBC after losing at No. 1 Virginia in the NCAA tournament this year. And the US national team won the 2015 World Cup. Here is what the original draft of the cover of the college basketball preview.

    Dukes “Fabbest Five”

    Issue looked like until the title of the Red Sox forced the magazine to turn its attention to a baseball hat. The Reds’ social media militants and social media artists – Tre Jones, RJ Barrett, Cam Reddish, Zion Williamson, and Joey Baker all centered. The wackest annotations ever. Screw the Fab 5. Team overhyped who will “shock the world” but waxed by Duke. We are not the “five fat people”, we are the Duke. We do not need to strengthen ourselves. Others do it for us. Just listen to Coach K and play your heart for him and your teammates. I’m 50/50 on how I feel about this when it comes out.

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    I do not like it being compared to the Fab Five. The fabbest five shirt. Because obviously, we all know how it ended. Let me tell you what I really love about this though. Duke is always a villain. They always have a player that country hates like Grayson Allen last year. Make sure the player will be Alex O’Connell this year but I am very happy with the country when hating this team. I think that will only help their chemistry and if they start playing as they fight the world of it over.

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    Yes, we have a recruiting class stacked up with four of them starting and the best part about it is the most talked-about player is not even the best player. Damn, it’s not Duke’s fault that they all want to play at Cameron in the house. No better environment in college basketball I’m hoping this will add fuel to the fire and they just destroy the team. The first match of the season will be a big challenge, facing Kentucky on the national stage.

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    This will test these young teams calmly and see if they appear. The fabbest five shirt.  I can confirm that they will be electric on the pitch and it will be what people will talk about. Among the Zions dunks, Tre Jones runs the floor and RJ Barrett is just an absolute creature, named Fabbest Five. Oh do not forget Cam Reddish, I can go for hours but I’ll let the players do all the talking.

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