Toucan’t Touch this shirt

Toucan't Touch this shirt

That will save me money on Toucan’t Touch this shirt maintenance, cleaning, and replacement costs. Rusty things become rusty ..? The rust marks are removed. Damaged or distorted things become undamaged and return to their original state. For example, bearings on my skateboard, lubricating I would be unable to do anything other than bearings will return to their completely new shape after I touch them.

Toucan’t Touch this tank top, ladies tee

Circuits, metal bits rusty on my motorbike, worn down on Toucan’t Touch this shirt nuts and bolts, all new from the touch. The scratches on my glass, or smartphone screen, disappeared with just a tap. Most of the short-term organized transactions are now handled by deep data, machine learning algorithms (Artificial Intelligence or AI) and they are much better than the average human trader, but still unable to adjust to unknown things (data they didn’t receive or new situations they had never seen before).

Toucan't Touch this Ladies tee
Ladies tee
Toucan't Touch this Tank top
Tank top

Therefore, they are still growing. This is not the only algorithm that declares a Toucan’t Touch this shirt specific event, but learning algorithms that allow AI to get better over time. There are a few human traders who seem to have some unspecified intuition in successful trading. For decades creating software trading systems, I’ve actually met 2 traders in this portfolio (out of the hundreds of people I know). And, these are all professional traders working at financial companies.

Toucan’t Touch this sweater, hoodies

Toucan't Touch this Hoodie
Toucan't Touch this Sweater

Long-term transactions are also better when handled by AI, but this is actually more difficult because the Toucan’t Touch this shirt ability to predict long-term events is impossible for humans and AI, with diminishing confidence when You go further in the future. At some point, AI might very well be able to predict the far future, but we aren’t even close yet. Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Series, from roughly 80 years ago, is based on that premise, that the far future is predictable for a large population.

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