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  • Republican supporters direct the mantra “Lock her up! Lock her up!” towards Hillary Clinton Trump Lock Her Up Hillary shirt. At a United States War Against Wednesday in Wisconsin. Just hours after US President Donald Trump called for a unity after the rampant bombings sent to Clinton and Democrats another high. The songs were given in a speech by Republican Senator Leah Vukmir at a rally in Mosinee, Wis., Less than an hour before Trump himself was scheduled to speak. According to CNN and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports at the rally, Vukmir told the crowd that her opponent in the Senate Democratic race. Tammy Baldwin hired Clinton’s lawyer to protect her from a scandal over overpaying at a veteran.

    Trump supporters chant ‘Lock her up!’

    Based in Tomah, Wis. Mrs. Clinton’s remarks quickly prompted the “Lock her” mantra, as in the video clip shared by MSNBC. Vukmir smiled and did not interrupt as the crowd walked towards chanting. President Trump’s supporters shouted “lock her up” before he arrived at a rally in Mosinee, Wis., On Wednesday evening, just hours after the Secret Service said it had found “Potential explosive device” in a letter to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at her home in Chappaqua, New York. Videos of the rally show crowd shouting phrases like Senator Leah Vukmir made the comment right before appearing on Trump’s schedule. The second presidential debate, Donald Trump pointed to Hillary Clinton and put up a chilling threat.

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    “If I win,” he warns. ” Trump Lock Her Up Hillary shirt I will guide my attorney general to a special prosecutor. Looking at your situation because there has never been so much lies, too much deception. There has never been anything like that, and we will have a special prosecutor. ” Trump repeated the variants of this threat many times. Like “Building the Wall,” “Lock Her” is the cornerstone of Trump’s foundation. It was treated differently, though – less literally, and more metaphorically, like a general mantra reminding the MAGA-world that Trump’s enemies were evil and worthy of expulsion. But a series of recent reports have made it clear that Trump intended this threat to be most literal.

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    Last night, the New York Times reported that Trump repeatedly directed the White House adviser. Don McGahn, to order the Justice Department to investigate Clinton along with James Comey. The story presents the request as a dead end, given by McGahn’s delay strategy and tries to tell Trump out of a dangerous escalation. However, it makes clear that McGahn never really quenches Trump’s desire. A later version of the story adds a remarkable new tune. “Trump” constantly pressured Department of Justice officials about the status of Clinton-related investigations. Including when he was the attorney general’s attorney Jeff Sessions, according to a knowledgeable person.

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    Directly on the conversation Trump Lock Her Up Hillary shirt. ” This fact changes the cast of the story quite remarkably. It suggests that McGahn did not really stop Trump’s push to get the Justice Department on Clinton at all. Instead, Trump simply stopped making the request to McGahn after he realized McGahn was not giving him the answer he wanted. Instead, he started working through Matt Whitaker. Each of those targeted by suspicious packages has been criticized numerous times by Trump, who condemned the attacks as “aggressive” in the comments from the East Wing White House on Monday afternoon investment.

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