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    Like most bands, the answer is subjective to the listener Volbeat Unicorn Dabbing shirt. Early VOLBEAT albums like The Strength / The Songs / The Sound, and Rock the Rebel/Metal the Devil to some are more varied in styles and are more raw sounding. These albums had more of what they call, “Elvis Metal” stylings. You will hear a heavier VOLBEAT on these earlier albums. “Guitar Gangsters and Cadillac Blood”, for me at least, showed Michael Poulsen take those influences like Johnny Cash, Metallica, and even the Misfits (“Back to Prom”), and build his song writing ability to a more accessible audience. This album remains one of my favorites. “Beyond Hell/Above Heaven”. For me is a clear continuation of “Guitar Gangsters”.


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    But the production here and forward sonically became a lot better. Also a great album, this is the one that broke the band in North America, with songs like the title track, “Fallen”, and “The Warrior’s Call”. “Outlaw Gentleman, and Shady Ladies”, and “Seal The Deal and Let’s Boogie”, are now building around song writing, and less about being a heavy sounding band. I would liken these 2 albums as more Hard Rock, well crafted albums. Think Def Leppard’s” Pyromania” vs. “On Through the Night” and “High n’ Dry”. They don’t sound like Def Leppard, but the comparison is more in the difference you hear in the band’s sound, as they grow.

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    For me, “Seal the Deal” is a bit more radio friendly Volbeat Unicorn Dabbing shirt. But also a great record. I can listen to it daily. It still has heavy songs but more polished. You can hear that Rob Caggiano has been with the band for some time, and his guitar on this album is great, awesome solos. Rob is the first VOLBEAT guitarist to play on the albums with Michael. Although I love all the albums. My most listened to, start with “Guitar Gangsters” to “Seal the Deal”. My absolute favorite has to be “Guitar Gangsters” for it’s perfectly crafted songs, combined with the early feel of the band. A close second is “Seal the Deal”. A lot a fans may disagree but Michael writes great melodies and knows how to craft a song. I can listen to songs like “Marie Laveau”.

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    Yes, even though “Seal the Deal” isn’t as heavy as some albums. It’s still driving hard rock, and I’ve always been a sucker for a great song. This is one of my favorites, because of Michael’s vocals, it’s fun to sing along with. Looking forward to a new album in 2019, which will be the first with Kasper Boye Larsen on bass. Kasper and Michael both come from Death Metal influences, we will see if Kasper’s influence heavies it up a bit .But I don’t see it happening. Before Volbeat released their sixth studio album, sealing Deal & Let, lead singer Michael Poulsen wanted to make things clear; He doesn’t want this album to become the Outlaw Gent Gentleman & Shady Ladies 2.

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    Although there has been a change from the western lyrical theme to the voodoo theme Volbeat Unicorn Dabbing shirt. Most musicians still resemble the mainstream style of their previous album. Volbeat continued to easily mix a multitude of styles together including rock, metal and rockly rock with vocals like Poulsen and Elvis Presley, but it didn’t feel like this album showed enough growth. The album starts with Crown The Devil Bleting Crown ‘; a blatant introduction to listeners about Poulsen’s dark fantasy world. Although the song compares with “Burn it to the Ground” and “Adrenaline Mob”, The Mob Is Back ‘, but it stands head and shoulders on both. The small lyrical nuances in the extended bridge are interesting.

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