My husband loves me. Because when I eat out and especially with my daughter i always order takeout so he can have a nice diner.

My husband loves his snacks I always create two gift baskets for christmas one with his favorite snacks and the other with his favorite personal hygiene products

Also he does work a lot i get him undergarments as well

Now if you love your guy always get him the things he likes Even though I dont like Chocolate Covered Cherries. However because he likes them I always buy them for him

I always tell women if you really know your man always buy him things he likes Things you know he will use and not waste.

I get things for my husband that he uses.

When he 1st went to iraq in 2003 for the invasion and we where a loud to send boxes. Well he said I was the practical wife. He was happy for the three boxes I sent him 1st one was with undergarments 2nd hygeine 3rd snack box filled with poducts that where practicle. Not messy. His buddies said oh married to a soldier.

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