I am 32 yrs of age, unmarried, IITian, government officer (cleared UPSC, but will not write about my posting for anonymity). It all started when I was posted in a semi-rural area in central India. One day I was introduced to a pimp who would supply girls for sexual gratification for a fixed payment. I acted as if I was not interested but did memorized his number (i am good at memorizing things) and wrote it down in my diary. In a few months I got a flat under a fake ID in nearby town (in government service you can buy flats easily, the income is astounding). I made a call to him and arranged a girl; from a different number and used the reference of the contractor who gave me the contact (as the pimp will not send girls unless you have a reference; and I couldn’t use my actual name). The girl came and we had “fairly nice” sex (I have had better before). I asked for the girls contact number so that I could call her next time without the middle men, to my surprise she readily gave me her number, may be she assumed I was “safe guy”.

Arrangements at this flat was safe as it was way-way outside my district and no one knew me, the society was quite and everyone minded their own business and my flat was locked most of the time. To the neighbours, I said I was a student preparing for government jobs (lol, right). I told the same thing to the call girl (Anjali, her name). We had a really nice arrangement for few months, she would occasionally bring other girls and charge a nominal fee for herself for bringing them (around 2000–3000 depending on the day or the girl).

It was a small local festival that day, I left office at 12:30 and called Anjali and arranged for a booking, she sent me one pic and said only this one is available. This girl was looking very attractive to me in the pic. I immediately confirmed the booking at evening 6:00. They came ; Anjali as usual stayed in the drawing room while we went inside bedroom, surprisingly she started talking to me (call girls at first meeting generally talk less), like what is your name, what do you do? etc. I started with all the ready made answers to these questions I didn’t realized that it was well past 8:00 pm (and we were only talking) when Anjali knocked at the bedroom door and asked whats taking so long (as payment was made only for 1 hour). I immediately opened the door and I asked her how much for the full night, I said you leave her here and go, I will drop her next morning with the payment, where ever she needs to go. They discussed it for some time is husshed tone and finally agreed for 25000 INR for full night, I bargained and we agreed at 20000 INR.

I think, was falling in love with this girl, it was not that a girl was asking me these questions for 1st time, many girls that Anjali bought before had asked the same questions, that I had ready made answers for them now. But there was something about this girl, something mesmerizing, something attractive, intoxicating, I still feel that I could sit and just talk to her till the end of time itself.

The night I went out and bought food, we ate and talked silly thing, I dont even remember exactly what we talked, she told about some men that she had been with, funny incidents, like how old men call them then have a problem with erection…we laughed our hearts out.

I didn’t had sex with her the whole night, she became totally nude, I kissed her from head to toe, her body was as intoxicating as her, never before in my life (even till now) I had tasted such a beautiful pussy, it was best oral sex of my life. However, i didn’t opened my clothes and didn’t had sex the whole night. The next morning I dropped her. A few weeks after this, she called me and asked if I was free, I immediately canceled my 3 meetings for the day told the staff that I was having mild fever, if anyone asked and left. I changed my clothes….asked the driver to drop me at market place and go back….caught a shared auto…went to second hand bike shop, bought a second hand but decent activa, paid in cash, also not in my name, but used my staff’s name for it…and took it to meet her. SO, it was late in afternoon when I met her, she was standing at the road with a “dupatta mask” like the one girls in India use to cover their face from dust and sun, only the eyes are visible.

I picked her up. I asked her to take me to some good place to eat as I was starving (didnt had lunch also) we went to a restaurant and ordered a beer and biryani, it was the best date ever…I have dated quite a few girls, graduated for good collages, working in company like Amazon, Google, P&G, HSBC and the list goes on(mostly for arrange marriage), some were MBA…but the most amazing date was with a call girl, barely educated, only 5th passed.

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