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  • One morning in late November Wifey Christmas shirt. Jessica came to see Santa Claus at the age of six. She moved from a small town of Willington in Upstate New York to Orlando, Florida. For ordinary people and a childlike Jessica, living on the land of dreams and the magical Walt Disney World would have been heaven. But Jessica was still unhappy by the way she remembered her grandmother. Two weeks before the family moved to Florida, her grandmother died. She is a normal casual woman, but with Jessica, she is home to delicious cakes, warm hugs, laughs, and great love.

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    Now, even though thousands of miles away from New York. The distance to her is far greater than her. When all the family had spent Thanksgiving, Jessica and her parents were still cleaning their new home. No chicken turns, no pumpkin pie, even a little time to have fun also. With no plans for a Thanksgiving dinner, Jessica’s mother Delores decided to order a sandwich at a nearby store and wanted her little girl to get the cake. Like all the other children, Jessica was very eager to meet Santa Claus so she agreed to go with her mother. This small shop is located next to the busy shopping center. A long queue of shoppers waiting for the turn right at the entrance.

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    People waiting in Santa’s room longer and longer Wifey Christmas shirt. Two hours passed and Jessica’s turn came. While standing in line, she thought a lot about what gift she would choose on Christmas day. As she sat in Santa Claus’s lap and asked him about her wish, she replied, “I want to see my grandmother.” When Delores returned home with Jessica and the sandwiches, the mother felt confused about her daughter’s request. I am concerned that Jessica will be disappointed this Christmas. Advertisement Santa promised to do his best and even Delores.

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    From the bottom of his heart, hoped Santa would bring that miracle to her little daughter. A month of prayer, the desire to pass and the morning of Christmas has arrived. Jessica still sleeps in front of the Christmas tree, opening her gift pack and still does not see her grandmother. By 8:00, Santa Claus seemed unable to give her that special gift. Then, she began to open the last gift wrapped in a very simple box, wrapped in yellow paper with a white bow as the angel’s wings. Jessica looked inside, she saw her grandmother, in a 12×15 cm photo.

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    Jessica hugged the picture to her chest Wifey Christmas shirt. And then she noticed the words below: “Jessie, lovely niece, I love you, though you are far away. Her heart is always with her every day, her arms are always open to hug her in the heart. You are my little girl. Love you – Grandma. From then on, Jessica never felt sad again. She realizes that all good wishes will come true only when we truly believe.

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