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Wrestler Ugly Christmas sweater

  • ‪CHS wrestler Brandon and Mercy Sports trainer Amber rocking Christmas sweaters in the wrestling room! We are looking to order a team “patch” which can proudly be displayed on each athletes team sweater and represents their first 5 wins. Thereafter, each new win will be represented by a bomb patch which may also be displayed through their team sweater. A green bomb represents a win and a gold / silver / bronze bomb represents a 1st, 2nd or, 3rd place finish at a tournament, It’s a sense of well earned pride in the work they’re doing day in and day out. I found my Lady Wrestler sweater! Sorry about the sweaty look; I’d just finished working out.

    Wrestler Ugly Christmas sweater, shirt, hoodie

    Wrestler Ugly Christmas Longsleeve


    Wrestler Ugly Christmas Ladies t-shirt

    Ladies t-shirt

    Wrestler Ugly Christmas Hoodie


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